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Significance of python in data science
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At the heart of data science are programming languages which are used to analyze the data obtained, perform data visualizations, select data, and other data analysis functions. One of the…

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Top 10 Tips on How to Learn Data Science
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In the past decade or so, data science has grown in popularity among the tech savvy and deservedly so. The future belongs to those who embrace data science in their…

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10 Tips on How to Land First Engineering Internship
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Although STEM jobs are well-paying, it can be a hustle to get employed because of the experience such jobs need before they can employ you. This is why internship is…

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10 Tips How Data Science is Important
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How is data science important? What are some of the positive impacts of data science both in technology and in the society at large? Runrex takes a look at the…

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Difference between Data Science and Machine Learning
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Ever since the term data science started gaining currency among the tech savvy, it has been thrown around recklessly. So misused is the term data science that other people have…

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Tips How Data Science is Changing Software Testing
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Ever since big companies and corporations started taking interest in data, the whole science of analyzing and processing data has really changed. Not only has it led to an explosion…

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10 Tips How Data Science Can Help Society
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What’s the impact of data science on the society? A lot has been said about the significance of data science in the world of technology but what is the overall…

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Which is the better OS for data science? Linux or Windows?
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The unending debate of what is the best OS for data science has finally came knocking on our doors here at Runrex and we thought it wise to address the…

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10 Tips for Getting a Data Science Job
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The future belongs to data science and companies everywhere, are scrambling to get data scientists to analyze their raw data and use it to improve their products and service delivery.…

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Data science in predicting the stock market
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Can data science predict the stock market? Understanding how the stock market works, can make you an overnight millionaire but it is anything but simple. Predicting the stock market is…

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