Panic & Startup Life Stories


One of the keys to making it as a startup is to not panic.  Things will inevitably go bad… sometimes get worst.  You have to keep your head up and keep at it.  Consistency trumps everything else in terms of importance.  Panic alters consistency and therefore productivity.  Some people are incredibly bad at handling adverse situations.  You don’t really want them as part of your startup…  Startup life is a constant state of panic.  I’m not sure why someone with a low tolerance for chaos, would want to join a startup.

I might be bias… but the startups I’ve been part of… have been utter chaos.  That’s the fun part.  In chaos, you can grow much faster.  It’s a lifestyle….  Not a job.  And that’s why I find it funny when people who want stable and comfortable join a startup.  Comfort isn’t really something I associate with startups…  Most startups are not well funded.  And even those that are well funded, have a large chance of falling flat.  Every startup that makes it, does so on the bodies of hundreds that fail.

Sort of like a tree… that grows when other trees have fallen over…  Terrible analogy…. I know.  I’ve always had a high tolerance for panic.  As I stated before… my personality feeds off being told I can’t do something.  For whatever reason, it really makes me want to do it better than the person who said I couldn’t.  This drive is akin to my high tolerance for instability.

In Avengers, the Hulk says he controls the rage by constantly being in it.  Kind of like how I deal with panic.  It doesn’t stress me out… since I’m always in it.  The same with negativity.  Sure it hurts when you are accustomed to it… but after a while… you just get use to it and you tolerance goes up.  You won’t survive long on YouTube unless you gain a high tolerance for negativity.  It’s the internet after all.