People Throw Rocks at Things that Shine



Listening to Taylor Swift at 1am… is sort of becoming a tradition.  At the very least I’m going to finish blog 4 tonight.  I don’t think creating 5 study guides: SEO, PPC, Social Media, YouTube, and Content.. .is such a good idea on the ipad.  I’ll revert back to binding on coding.  Or maybe I should create the study guides as a challenge.  I miss having a fully charged macbook.  In hindsight I should have just gone to best buy or an apple store to buy a new charger.  Having two chargers is probably a good idea anyways.  But I hate spending extra money.  Although going without a laptop is unbearable.  An Ipad is nice… but it doesn’t have any of the features I use… like video editing… plus the entire interface with auto-correct is so weird.

Anyways… before I go to learn more javascript.  I’ll let you in on a secret.  I haven’t been this hungry to learn something since I learned PPC.  PPC at the old place was a nightmare.  Old boss stated several times our PPC manager was the most important person in our office.  She left a few months later for a job that paid way more.  At the time she was the highest paid person at our office.  Then there was Shannon.. who couldn’t handle the accounts and “quit” the same week she was hired.  And Sterling… who disappeared and didn’t tell anyone what was going on.  We paid him using online codes.  And Nate from California… although it was likely he was actually from India given the ridiculously slow internet connections.  Nate set out to destroy the accounts.  I’m not sure why…  But he geo-targeted to a location states away from our client’s stores.  And then we hired the first person again to work with Nate… and all they did was argue.  Mainly because Nate had no clue… and then the G who had legal issues the Sunday before the Monday he had to come to the office. All of this pales in comparison to Pallvi…. someone who earned 5 times the salary as other workers and logged into the platform once…  in two months.  After experiencing sheer incompetence on a level that was unbearable… I learned PPC.

I’m even hungrier to learn development….  in particular javascript.  I’ve learned social media in the same manner…. as well as SEO.  I can thank our “account managers” for inspiring.  They used to say they were twitter experts… I have 10 times the amount of followers they do. It’s not out of spite… it’s out of growth.  You can’t lead a team unless you are able to take over when things become difficult.  I’ve understood that since I was 6 in soccer camp.  Lead by example.

And no more blogging or study guides…. can’t wait to get a charged laptop tomorrow.