The Phenomenon of Pokémon Go and the Lessons for Marketers


The Phenomenon of Pokémon Go and the Lessons for Marketer

Gamers around the world are running wild over the Nintendo’s first augmented reality mobile game Pokémon Go. Interestingly, it’s not just players that are caught up in this craze; marketers too are looking for ways to capitalize on the same phenomenon. There are several valuable insights marketers can learn from this to improve their business and marketing strategies.

The game is based on the Pokémon Franchise which explains its immense popularity and success. It is good to determine what lies behind this craze and success by analyzing its marketing strategies in relation to day-day marketing plans.

Give Value-Adding Incentives to Your Clients
Pokémon gamers are attracted to Poke Stops; these are places where they can load up on Poke Balls, Eggs to incubate, and Pokémon drawing incense to help them in the game. Such areas attract thousands of players to meet hoping to catch a rare Pokémon. The same way these gamers are lured to Poke Stops, getting current and prospective clients to interact with your brand needs sufficient incentives.

The incentives could be customer advocacy programs or offering engaging content that adds value to their lives or business What should be at the forefront are the wants and needs of your target audience to understand how to help them better; money will follow later.

Developing a Laser Focus
Pokémon Go users are laser-focused on their objectives which are to catch wild Pokémon, level it up, train, and grow.  When carrying out marketing campaigns, you need to apply the same degree of focus and have direct and focused objectives, goals, and vision to help you identify critical activities required to achieve them.  The same way gamers trade their Pidgey candy to grow their Pidgeotto with the highest score, make sure your funds are focused on targeted campaigns that match the core message and present priorities.

Supporting the Right Values
One of the notable benefits of Pokémon Go is that it motivates gamers to go outside and especially in the age of advanced technology.  It is about the technology that allows people to take a walk and explore their environment that motivates the company to offer better service. Marketers ought to be ready to support the right course to gain from their trade.

Stay Within the Context
The AR elements of this game have been enhanced by its abilities to use the user’s phone camera to position Pokémon in their live atmosphere. The developers of this game have gone a notch higher to make the game appear in environments that reflect their origin. You’ll find plant creates near parks and sea creatures near water bodies.  It’s the same suit marketers ought to follow. You gain nothing by advertising ice-cold coke in winter.  Your strategy must be within your context and relevant for better success.

Social Media Can Stir You to Unbelievable Heights
In this golden world of word –to mouth marketing, social media has become the backbone of societal communication. Consumers trust the opinions of people in their network more than what they see in commercials. The team at Niantic and Nintendo has realized this are thriving on it; hence, the social media buzz they created. It is much better and easier than investing money in major commercial campaigns which might not bear much fruit.

Perfect Timing for the Perfect Product Launch
Pokémon’s Go timing wouldn’t have come at any perfect time. The franchise launched the game at the beginning of July, a time when Americans are trying to discover the best way to break their summer activities.  It is the perfect month for long afternoon walks and a time when kids are out of school and adults enjoying their off days.

Again, people have a lot of time to stroll around and catch a Pokémon. Looking at this from a business or marketing front, the timing and the decade for the launch couldn’t have been more perfect. The generation that was addicted to the game are now in the thirties with adequate spending power.

Huge Promotional Value for Fan Events
The craze around Pokémon GO has initiated spontaneous gatherings. The walks gather over a thousand Pikachu fans, and these events are not organized by the companies behind the promotion of Pokémon GO. The events are initiated by a team of dedicated players giving them an even greater promotional value. It’s an unforgettable sight to watch many fans walking around and staring at their phones.