Pinterest Marketing: How To Get Pinterest Followers (13 STEPS!)


Pinterest Marketing: How To Get Pinterest Followers (13 STEPS!)  

Pinterest started off as an online noticeboard for people to pin tasks and other reminders but it has slowly grown to become one of the most used social media platforms. It is helping millions of people worldwide discover things in the simplest and most basic visual way. In its 80 million users, marketers and other business people have potential clients, sponsors and even friends. To get the most of Pinterest however, you need to have a large follower base. Getting active followers who you engage with on a regular basis has however proved to be elusive for most Pinterest users.

Today, we want to provide tips and insights on how to increase your Pinterest follower number. Before we highlight on the tips, we need to mention the importance of getting numerous followers on Pinterest. More followers on this platform means more likes, more repins, more comments and more impressions. When used properly, all these likes, repins, comments and impressions can turn into meaningful traffic, funnelled sales and leads that will boost your business. So, how do you increase your Pinterest followers? Here are 13 steps on how to get more Pinterest Followers;

1. Add a Pinterest Follow Button on your website

Using the widget builder page on Pinterest, create a Pinterest follow button on your blog for people to follow you after they have read your content. Place it in the prominent positions of the page where people will easily identify it and follow you. The sidebar, header and footer are some of the most prime positions to place the button for all to see.

3. Always be active and share more content

The only way more people will see your pins more is if you post them more often! Be as active as possible and share as often as you possibly can.

4. Post more images on Pinterest

Nothing gets the attention of people better than visual content. Quality images are a good magnet and people will often follow the sources of the best images and photos. You can share available photos from the boards you are a member or you can alternatively post them up yourself. Remember that Pinterest will readily recommend you to followers if you pin a lot of images that people like.

5. Interact and comment on popular pins

Check out the popular pins on Pinterest and comment on them. Make yourself so conspicuous in the comments section that people will want to follow you and monitor your pins. There is no better way of making yourself stand out than making a thoughtful comment or a brilliant joke about the pin. Just make sure you are not offending anyone in the comments that you make.

6. Avoid commenting too much on pins

In a bid to get more followers, people start commenting too much on the popular pins. They want to stand out from the crowd and make ten to twenty comments on a single pin. This will only work against you because Pinterest can deem your account as a bot run account and freeze it. Just be modest in your commenting and the followers will flock your way.

7. Tag other people in your pins and in comments

If you want to get the attention of masses, always make sure that you mention a popular user of Pinterest in your pins or in the comments sections. When someone makes a brilliant comment, don’t hesitate to @ them and compliment them for the same. They will follow you and your number will be considerably growing by day.

8. Incorporate other social media sites

Pinterest lets you connect your Google+ account, Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts to your Pinterest account. This means that you can simultaneously post a pin to Pinterest and tweet it at the same time to let your followers on Twitter see it. Add your Pinterest link to the social media platforms as well and people will start following you.

9. Make good use of your flourishing boards

Take advantage of your most popular boards and place them strategically on top so that more people can access them. Many people prefer looking for popular boards rather than scavenging through the entire account. If you place your flourishing boards well, then your follower count will surely increase.

10. Contribute to relevant popular boards

Identify relevant boards and post quality pins to these boards. By relevant boards I mean boards that have topic and themes almost similar to the nature of your business. Be active in these boards and you will get more followers.

11. Follow back

Don’t be mean! Follow people who follow you back. Do not hesitate to follow strangers as well because some of them will eventually follow back and increase your follower count.

12. Aim at a certain number

Have a goal of the number of followers you need in a week or a month. When you have a number, it is easier to identify when you are doing the right things and when you have lagged behind in terms of effort. If you have a target of 50 followers a week for example, ensure you follow at least 100 people a week and hope that half will follow back.

13. Post enticing stuff

Don’t be that boring user who posts cliché images and photos. Look for enticing content from other social media sites and pin it to keep your followers entertained.