Why Pokémon GO Is Good For Data and Great for Business


Why Pokémon GO Is Good For Data and Great for Business

Almost everyone is likely to make the following assumptions about Pokémon Go, and still sound right. One; this game requires much data, and two; it might not suit a business. In part, these deductions are accurate because those who have an obsession towards this game are likely to the Pokémon across, which might make one think that the process negatively affects the mobile data bill. Moreover, Pokémon Go might not suit business because it is a social site, which is likely to have a system that is more suited to interactions than a platform for selling and buying products and services. On the contrary, Pokémon GO is good for data and ideal for business, and the following is an overview of the reasons for that.

The Reasons

Data Usage
The official launching of Pokémon Go occurred in Canada for iOS and Android, approximately two weeks the United States event. The game directs the players to different places in the real world to find some imaginary monsters (digital pocket creatures) referred to as Pokémon. The animals appear on the screen when the players hold up their phones in various areas at different periods of the day.

P3 – a data analytics firm – tracked at least 200  owners smartphone in both Germany and the United States for about ten days (between July 6 and July 15, 2016) to determine the rate at which this game consumes data. According to the findings of the study, the Pokémon Go’s average session takes about three minutes or 175 seconds and consumes almost 300 kilobytes of data. For that reason, one could play over 3,000 average sessions of Pokémon Go in one month with a data plan of one gigabyte. The assumption of this analysis is that all that data only goes to the games and not any other surfing activity. In addition to that, P3 also found that most users play for about 13 minutes, which equals four average sessions in a day. In a month they will have played for about 423 minutes or 130 average sessions.

Free Data for Pokémon Go
On July 12, 2016, Legere John, the Chief Executive Officer of the T – Mobile (a wireless carrier in the United States) tweeted that the number of Pokémon Go’s active players on the network of the company doubled in the previous four days. In addition to that, their usage of data also quadrupled during the same period. According to the T-Mobile release, the game had about 21 million daily active users in the country by the week before the surge in both the number of users and data usage.

For that reason, the company decided to propose a one-year solution, during which the Pokémon Go players will get unlimited data free of charge. The company promised that both the existing and new customers would benefit from the offer after downloading the T-Mobile application called Tuesdays between July 19, 2016, and August 9, 2016. With the zero-rating pricing – an offer of free data package where everything else, such as surfing the web to and visiting other websites other than those included in the package, counts toward the customer’s data cap, will allow Pokémon Go players enjoy the game without having to pay for the data.

Pokémon Go has several features that make a perfect tool for promoting and increasing the performance of any business. For starters, the game has lure modules, which the company can buy to use in attracting Pokémon Go players to its premises.  In addition to that, it can also use the game to focus on particular teams, with the sole focus on providing services or products suitable to them. Other practical measures of which a business can use Pokémon Go to promote its operations include engaging customers and giving them tips on how to shop; advertise its products, offers, services, promotions, and other enticements; and organize tournaments, events, and parties for the Pokémon players.