Pokémon Go: A Marketing Gift for Your Business


Pokémon Go: A Marketing Gift for Your Business

It’s only been a few months since the launch of Pokémon Go, but it has already become a market leader in the Video game and Mobile apps industry. The game doesn’t require you to sit in front of a television all day, but players just go out, walk around, and explore their surrounding trying to catch a Pokémon.

The game has become a big boom for small businesses trying to increase foot traffic. Companies that make use of the Pokémon Go craze have been rewarded greatly. So, what is the relationship between your business and Pokémon Go Obsession?  Below are some strategies for turning Pokémon Go into a marketing gift for your business.

Do Local Advertising

By using Geotargeted Ads like Facebook Advertising, you can show that your business is involved with the Pokemon Go craze. Such platforms allow you to choose an area demographically and interest of people who can see the advert.  It is easier to pinpoint the persons who don’t want to come to your store and catch Pokemon with you.

Use What Is Around You

You might already know your business surrounding, but try peeping into what is in your area in the world of Pokémon. Look at things like Hang out with other players or Gyms are hubs for players to collect more Pokémon.

If you are near a Pokémon, you might have noticed an upswing in the foot traffic without any work on your end. However, if you are close to the locations in Pokémon’s world, it can influence how to move forward in your marketing strategy.

Be Social

Since Pokémon go is digital, it only makes sense to take to digital marketing to spread the word that your business is ready to welcome Pokémon trainers. There are dozens of things you could do to incorporate your social media strategy with the game, all aimed at boosting the number of real people you see walk through your doors. Engage players through social media and ask them to share augmented reality pictures of the monsters they find in your shop.

Use Photos to Verify Location

Think of doing a giveaway for a certain number of Pokemon found in your shop. You can offer a dollar off for individuals who find a common Pokemon in your store.

Attract People

In the world of Pokémon, users can drop a “Lure” where Pokémon’s Monsters are drawn to that location in a steady stream for about half an hour. Lures affect all people playing the game in the area, not just the individual who dropped it there.

Small businesses looking to lure new clients can drop a lure at the PokeStop closest to your shop or business. You might just see a boost in players coming in to reap the benefits. Use the opportunity to encourage people to stop and hang out at your store.

A lure is a cheaper and easier way for your business. If you play the game yourself, pick up lures for free within the game, or use Pokecoins which you can use to buy game items.

We don’t know how long the Pokemon Go craze will last, but it doesn’t look like its anytime soon. As it develops, the number of individuals collecting Pokemon continues to grow; hence, it’s upon you to do what makes sense to boost your sales and grow your business while the obsession is still going strong.