Why PPC is better than SEO? 25 reasons


Why PPC is better than SEO? 25 reasons    

Digital marketing is always a welcome venture for marketers since it is easy to manage and develop over time. The varied avenues of digital marketing however present a challenge in terms of choosing the best strategy for a business. Between PPC and SEO, there are varied opinions but here are 25 reasons why PPC is better than SEO.

On demand structuring

A PPC campaign can be set up on demand when trying to counter the marketing strategy of a competitor as opposed to SEO which takes time to set up.

Capture attention fast

PPC Ads are able to capture the attention of users searching for information and they stand out among all other Ads that are presented in the Search Engine Results Pages.


The budget of a PPC campaign compared with the eventual cost of running a long-term SEO campaign pale in comparison where PPC presents a cheaper alternative.

Fast results

With PPC a marketer can get fast results in terms of the conversion rates as opposed to SEO which is a long-term project that yields a result later on during the campaign.

Easily optimized

With SEO being a strategy that requires complete planning and organization to ensure search engines can crawl the content, a PPC campaign is systematic and can be easily optimized and customized to fit a specific setting.

Does not require regular updates

With SRO, regular updates in terms of fresh content are required but PPC campaigns are more streamlined in terms of organization and therefore do not require regular updating.


SEO campaigns have to be promoted for them to bring forth the desired results which means an added expense but PPC campaigns have a self-promotion setting owing to their position.

Easily managed

Once an SEO campaign has been initiated, the room for altering the approach is normally limited but with PPC, it is always easier to alter the campaign and make necessary adjustments.

Increased conversion rates

When running a PPC campaign, the conversion rates are higher owing to the capacity of high value traffic.

Easy to measure ROI

With PPC, it is easy to measure the ROI since it is easily identified when the budget for a campaign is being planned and rolled out.

Higher Click through rates

The major advantage of running a PPC campaign is the fact that it provides higher click through rates than SEO that comes about as a result of the effective targeting.

Targeted traffic

Pay Per Click is all about focused targeting whereby a campaign is structured to target a specific group of individuals as opposed to SEO which is wider in terms of its scope.

Does not depend on incoming links

With PPC the score is made when the high value traffic clicks on the Ad as opposed to SEO where the score is dependent on the cumulative effect achieved by incoming links and the directed traffic.

Seamless feedback loop

With SEO taking a long time for valuable and relevant data to be generated, PPC offers a constant and seamless platform for evaluating the work projects that impact the respective campaigns.

Does not require link building

PPC is consistent and proactive in terms of reaching out to the target audience and does not depend on link building to enhance the quality score as is the case with SEO.

Can be utilized on both B2B and B2C

SEO is majorly a B2C strategy since it targets the consumer but with PPC, the target can be both the consumers and businesses.

Captures commercial intent

With SEO, targeting the commercial intent always leads to poor ratings and quality score but PPC is able to capture the commercial intent and be organized as a sales pitch.

Control of campaign

SEO offers little in terms of a marketer having control of the campaign since it is the Search Engine which determines user experience but with PPC, a marketer can take charge of an Ad Copy, keywords and the landing page.

Easy to test

PPC is easy to test since it has functional elements that can be altered depending on the need at hand but with SEO, effective data that can inform a test has to be collected over time which proves difficult to measure.

Analytics are accurate

The data presented by a PPC campaign is accurate and verifiable as opposed to the data received from an SEO campaign which may be skewed owing to ineffective targeting.

Building online brand awareness

With a conspicuous setting, it is easier to build brand awareness with a PPC campaign and thereby get people to build authenticity.

Unrivalled service

With Pay Per Click campaigns, a marketer is always abreast with developments and can call in to monitor progress since there are specialists and teams at work to ensure its success which is not the same case with SEO.

Fewer algorithm changes

Since SEO is governed by algorithms, search engines are characterized as changing and updating the algorithms to provide effective service to consumers but the PPC universe has fewer algorithm optimizations.

Faster lead generation

Optimal campaign management is a major plus with PPC and it is what leads to faster lead generation with an Ad being placed on the first page which is the direct contrast with SEO which takes time to rank.

You can regulate budget

The advantage with PPC is that an Ad is placed and maintained online if the budget allows which means it can be stopped at any point in time but with SEO, it is hard to estimate and clearly define the budget that will be consumed.