How PPC Helps SEO? 25 Ways


How PPC Helps SEO? 25 Ways   

Google attracts over 3.5 billion search queries each second and of these, approximately 80% culminate in clicks on natural listings. The rest result in clicks on ads – essentially, PPC ads. Crunching the numbers, combining SEO and PPC therefore makes a lot of sense if the goal is to maximize traffic. In SEO circles, the two are often said to be two sides of the same coin. Below are 25 ways PPC helps SEO.

PPC bridges the time gap

There exists a considerable time lag between when a site is established and when it gains a sound online presence through SEO. PPC helps bridge this gap due to its immediate results.

It fast tracks online presence cultivation

PPC speeds up the process of cultivating an imposing online presence by complementing SEO.

Immediate results

With PPC, it is possible to generate results the same day the website goes live. It, therefore, works perfectly in tandem with SEO which requires a longer period to show results.


In line with generating traffic almost immediately, in the case of commerce sites, it actualizes conversions quicker than SEO.

Generates resources to fund SEO efforts

The income generated from PPC traffic can be better used to secure the long-term future of a website by funding SEO efforts.


SEO is all about ratings – and satisfied customers – sourced by investing in PPC, help boost website rankings considerably quicker compared to ratings obtained through SEO only.

Targeted advertising

While SEO generates quantitative traffic, PPC generates targeted, qualitative traffic. The two combine seamlessly in this regard to generate conversions as well as a resounding presence.

PPC boosts SEO’s ROI

Focusing on both SEO and PPC results in better ROI compared to using either exclusively. This is the reason why all meaningful campaigns use both to maximize return on investment.

Insight on keywords that convert

PPC tools help one to determine the keywords that convert in the industry of interest and SEO is all about using the right keywords.

Insight on keyword competition

The more competitive the keyword, the harder it is to rank organically on the first page. PPC enlightens one concerning keyword competitiveness hence informing decisions regarding the same.

High traffic keywords

PPC gives invaluable knowledge concerning the keywords that attract high traffic. An SEO strategy that utilizes high traffic keywords in tandem with specific, converting keywords is likely to be a winner.

Content ideas

Generating unique content is the biggest challenge for many when it comes to SEO. PPC can be a good source of inspiration for both keywords and content.

Offers an excellent platform for competitor analysis

In SEO, it is critical to know what industry competitors are up to so as to always be a step ahead. PPC offers a useful platform to do just that.

Helps in content formulation

PPC can also assist in the creation of an effective content blueprint via taking note of industry trends through competitor and data analysis.

Insight on meta keywords

Though not as important as they once were, meta keywords still play a significant role in SEO and PPC can shed light on some of the better meta keywords to use as well as their related descriptions.

Quality data for analysis

The high quality of data generated by PPC enables top-caliber analysis that provides useful results for tweaking one’s SEO strategy for maximum efficacy.

Better support

PPC users get better all-round support and support is critical since something is bound to go wrong sometime with either SEO or PPC.

How to create ads that work

PPC can light up the way when it comes to learning how to build effective ads that can be used across the board including in SEO campaigns.

Extensive analysis tools and parameters

Combining the analysis tools offered by PPC and Google Analytics generates high-quality results that have the capability to help one determine the best SEO scheme to send rankings and conversions through the roof.

Damage control

SEO can become negative if your site gets associated with something infamous and PPC can help in mitigating harm. A good case in point is how BP used PPC to help manage P.R surrounding the oil spill.

Social media presence

PPC can be a useful catalyst in helping a site go viral through shares, mentions, likes and retweets. Moreover, it can help cash in on the same.

Testing ground

PPC offers an excellent testing ground for ad ideas, landing page ideas, etc., to find what works best in particular instances.

Better coverage

In SEO, it is challenging to cover and rank well for all relevant search terms. PPC offers a great way to have presence on SERPs for useful keywords one does not rank well in.

Fast, quality feedback

PPC generates quality and better visitor feedback compared to SEO due to the targeted traffic stream it actualizes. Such feedback can give guidance on the improvements to make.


Sadly, SEO is fluid and ever changing. A first-page rank today, does not necessarily mean a first-page spot tomorrow. PPC helps by adding an element of certainty into the mix.

Many people focus on PPC to kick-start the online presence cultivation process with investment in SEO taking place in the background. However, the best strategy to use is to always focus on both, tweaking each as per resources available.