PPC How to make money? 25 ways to make money


PPC How to make money? 25 ways to make money    

PPC has been a major driving force for marketing professionals and a crucial destination for individuals looking to make money. There are varied avenues that can be utilized when trying to monetize Pay Per Click and 25 of the best include:

Selling products

Direct selling of products to a consumer is another way of making money using PPC since it makes use of present traffic.

Affiliate offers

Running affiliate offers and programs is one way a marketer can ensure a PPC campaign is able to bring in some income.

Promoting products

The promotion of products using a PPC platform is an effective and lucrative way of earning money from a Pay Per Click campaign.

Lead acquisition

One of the long-serving ways of ensuring PPC earns you money is lead acquisition and it is still the effective strategy for marketers looking for fast returns.

Selling downloadable products

A unique way of letting PPC work for you is selling downloadable products like eBooks where every click to download the product gets you paid.

Direct linking

A straightforward and effective way of earning income is direct linking to a merchant site which leads to a marketer earning for every customer generated from the linkage.

Hosting a blog

The practice of hosting a blog is a direct way of making money from PPC where traffic that clicks through on the link gets you paid.

Completing surveys

Surveys are always of interest to companies looking to optimize services and products for a target audience and completing surveys within a PPC campaign is a good way to earn income.


A creative way of making PPC work for you is implementing telemarketing which is a perfect way of using Pay Per Click to your advantage.

Creating PPC Ads

The creation of a PPC Ad is crucial to directing traffic and with many companies focused on having traffic sent their way, it serves as a welcome way of making money.

Traffic emails

The structuring of traffic emails with every click that is made is another way of making money using a PPC platform since companies are always willing to have their target audience informed.

List building

A marketer with a PPC campaign is a valuable individual when it comes to list building since companies are always eager to target the contacts collected and pay generously for the same.

Placing URLs

Placing product or company URLs within an Ad Copy is a way to ensure that a PPC campaign is able to earn money through the traffic that will be generated with regards to the linkage.

Running Opt-In pages

The beauty of running an Opt-In page is the fact that a marketer always gets paid for any user who chooses to subscribe.

Redirecting to specific offers

A marketer with a keen eye on the market can choose to use a PPC platform to redirect specific offers and get paid for the eventual traffic that will be received from the same process.


A Pay Per Click campaign can be utilized to structure a pre-selling option for a target audience which would see a marketer get paid for the traffic generated and transactions completed.

Running Solo Ads

Running a Solo Ad is another way of making money from the search engine depending on the activity and relevance of the Ad to the target audience.

Test linking for sales companies

Companies and large corporations are always on the lookout for ways to get ahead and test linking serves as a way of them being able to measure client response. Using a PPC platform for test linking is a way of getting to earn from the corporations.

Facebook Ads

Using Facebook Ads as a medium has gained popularity in recent times and it offers a marketer the chance to optimize a PPC campaign to take a monetized approach.

Displaying contact forms

Contact details are always a gold mine for companies and having contact forms on a PPC platform is a sure way to earn since companies pay top dollar for the collection of such information.

Displaying promo codes

Promo codes are a way of businesses being able to target a specific audience and displaying the promo codes for the select companies is a way of ensuring the PPC platform earns a marketer money.

Running coupon options

Coupons always attract traffic and running coupon options on a PPC platform is a sure way of generating high value traffic for businesses and target companies.

Campaign cloning

Campaign cloning has been a factor that marketers on the online platform target and with PPC having a huge presence, using Pay Per Click to clone campaigns and drive traffic is one way to make extra income.

Geotargeted Ads

Structuring Geo-Targeted Ads for companies is a way to make money from PPC since it drives traffic to a company as well as leading to conversions.

Hosting Microtasks

Sections with Micro-tasks are always a way to make money since many online professionals target the same platforms. A PPC campaign revolving around the hosting of Microtasks is sure to reap rewards.