What Does PPC Stand for? 25 Reasons to do Pay Per Click Marketing


What Does PPC Stand for? 25 Reasons to do Pay Per Click Marketing  

The success of Digital marketing begins with PPC advertising which is a term that stands for Pay Per Click advertising. Pay Per Click marketing is an advertising strategy that requires marketers to pay for every click made on their Ads. The benefit of PPC advertising is that a marketer only pays for traffic generated. A particular advantage with this marketing avenue is that results are instantaneous which means immediate exposure. The top 25 reasons to adopt PPC marketing include:

First page exposure

Pay Per Click Ads always appear on the first page at the top of the results page which means a marketer is able to get first page exposure when placing the advertisement.

Building quality score

PPC marketing campaigns increase the quality score of a website which enhances the chances of a favorable ranking in the SERPs even after the end of the campaign.

Immediate traffic

As opposed to SEO, Pay Per Click is structured to provide immediate traffic which provides instantaneous results for a marketing campaign.

Targeted Ads

Pay Per Click advertising offers a marketer the chance to utilize targeted Ads which increase visibility of a website.

Generate leads

One of the strengths of PPC advertising is that it can be used to generate leads and direct traffic to a landing page or blog for a site.

Promote a brand

PPC marketing is the perfect avenue to promote a brand since it exposes the name and identity of a website on the top of the Search Engine Results Pages.

Constant traffic

The beauty of being able to utilize PPC is that a website gets constant traffic as long as the marketing campaign is kept alive by a marketer through payment for the traffic being generated.

It is result oriented

As opposed to SEO which has a wide target in place, PPC focuses on a specific niche within the target audience which makes the strategy result oriented as it delivers the traffic.

Increasing sales

With PPC marketing, it is possible to drive sales and increase the capacity for business owing to the website getting increased exposure to the target audience.

Maximizing ROI

When considering the different strategies for digital advertising, SEO and PPC stand out as the most potent. When considering the ROI that both bring in, PPC ranks higher since the budgets for the same are almost identical but Pay Per Click delivers more traffic within a short time.

Improve conversion rates

With PPC, the conversion rates are higher than with any other marketing strategy due to targeted traffic that is high value with a high conversion percentage.

Leverage data from Google

The beauty with PPC is that it is a marketing campaign that utilizes the data from Google in terms of the keywords that the target audience is characterized as going for.

Quick wins

PPC enables a marketer get quick wins with the marketing campaign since the results are almost immediate from the moment of initiation.

Ranking for keywords previously inaccessible

There are keywords that sites find hard to rank for organically and the advantage with PPC is that a marketer can get a website ranked for the same keywords seamlessly.


With SEO, retargeting is usually a hard task to maneuver since there is a risk of causing disinterest in the target audience. With PPC, a marketer can set the number of times a client can be retargeted.

Double SERP space

With PPC, a website can get double SETP space if they rank on the first page organically added to the space already taken on the space with sponsored Ads.

Complements SEO

A major advantage with PPC is that it can be combined with SEO seamlessly to create a strong marketing campaign.

Testing Keyword traffic opportunity

Pay Per Click offers a way of testing the traffic that a keyword can generate in a cheap and viable setting as opposed to the trial system offered by other advertising strategies.

Keyword research

A PPC marketing campaign can allow a marketer to perform keyword research to identify the keywords that can be targeted organically.

Effective for new websites

Pay Per Click is a strategy that new websites can utilize to direct traffic at an instant to ensure a strong start to business.

Refined quality traffic

The issue with SEO and other advertising strategies is that they attract traffic that may not be relevant but Pay Per Click generates refined quality traffic tuned for conversion.


Pay Per Click allows for geographical Ad displays where an Ad is only visible to people within the said geographical region to increase relevance.

Ad Scheduling

With PPC, it is possible to schedule an Ad for a specific period and thereby increase the conversion rates.


PPC is one of the few marketing strategies where it is possible to track the budget spent on the campaign.

Cost effective branding

Exposure of a brand is what many websites target and PPC offers a cost effective way of being visible to the target audience.