How does PPC Work? 25 Ways to Promote


How does PPC Work? 25 Ways to Promote   

Alongside SEO, PPC is one of the best search engine marketing techniques. It essentially entails paying Google to display ads in relevant SERPs so as to drive targeted traffic to a site. That, however, is only half the story. PPC is multifaceted and customization to optimize efficacy as per the desired goals is one’s prerogative. Below are 25 easily implementable ways to help get the most out of PPC.

Increase the budget

Budget determines variables such as how frequently the ad is displayed, when it is shown, etc. To boost PPC efficacy, the most straightforward line of action would be to increase the budget.

Using negative keywords

Sometimes, unrelated keywords trigger ads which leads to a waste of resources since advertising efficacy is based on relevance. Negative keywords avail the opportunity to nullify irrelevant keywords.

Do not view your ads

You may be tempted to view your ads, but it is never a good idea. It will only bloat the bill, skew analytics data, and waste resources.

Focusing on conversions

Making your PPC bids conversion based is advisable since it shifts more risk onto Google’s side.

Tracking progress

Without reflection and review, it is impossible to know what to improve on and following all manner of growth makes review possible.

Investing in SEO

SEO and PPC are complementary, and the only way to get more from both is by having an SEO-PPC hybrid strategy.

Optimized landing pages

There is no point in investing in PPC if your landing pages are not optimized to drive conversions.

Concentrating on high traffic keywords

High traffic keywords in both SEO and PPC are ideal as they drive more traffic and increase conversions, the downside is that they are often very competitive.

Conversion oriented keywords

A winning strategy combines both high traffic keywords and conversion oriented keywords to get the most from both SEO, and PPC.

Strategy testing

Online enterprises have different needs and one of the keys to boosting PPC is testing various strategies to find what out what works in different circumstances.

Utilizing bid simulators

In line with strategy testing, bid simulators are one of the best bid-tweaking tools that help in maximizing efficacy by projecting the efficiency difference once you adjust the variables.

Great content

Regardless of the PPC strategy you go for, having great content is crucial to getting the best out of your campaign.

Quality goods and services

Return customers are often an enterprise’s greatest asset. To maximize the value of PPC, offer quality products and services that will earn you repeat customers.

Staying ahead of the curve

Sadly, PPC is ever a bidding war, and competitors are always looking to pull a first one on you. The only option is always to be ahead of the curve by keeping a close eye on the competition.

Having an organized and structured site

A well-organized site will promote conversions from the PPC traffic stream while a cluttered site sidetracks visitors from the primary goal of conversion.

Putting in daily work

PPC requires constant monitoring and tweaking. Without logging in daily to make sure everything is running smoothly, you may miss important details such as when wrong keywords trigger your ads.

Site links and ad extensions

Site links and ad extensions increase the click through rate and avail the opportunity to expand the range of options and increase call-to-actions so as to charm visitors into making purchases.

Data analysis

Analytics data from both PPC and SEO is invaluable in learning visitor demographics and purchase behavior which can help you alter the strategy accordingly to boost performance.

Map out the customer purchase process

Data from PPC can help you reverse-engineer and map out the best source of traffic that results in conversions. The resultant insight will help you optimize non-performing site aspects.


PPC traffic that engages with your enterprise but does not make a purchase is ideal for remarketing if the resources can allow it.

Using product list ads

Off late, product list ads have taken the advertising world by storm and with good reason too –they are very effective in boosting conversions which is one of the goals of PPC.


Testimonials are another great way of driving PPC conversions by highlighting previous customers satisfied with the products and services you offer.

Adhering to policies

Playing by the set bidding rules is a surefire way of ensuring your ads are not inappropriate or blacklisted.


Offers directly enhance the efficacy of any campaign. It is advisable to make them time-limited so as to tap into the phobia most people have of losing out.

Using campaign building tools

Visual Thesaurus, PPC Campaign Builder and other useful campaign tools can significantly increase PPC objectivity and performance.

Using locational based keywords, mobile bidding, and respecting all the best practices are several others ways of boosting PPC efficacy. In summation, what really matters in PPC is not only having the right knowledge, but also being consistent in implementation to reap bountifully.