Producing All the Contents



Blogging is hard… Blogging several blogs at 4am is the hardest.  But onwards I go.  Maybe I’ll be writer after I retire.  I type pretty fast and I produce so much content.  Every week I produce 12-20 videos and these blog posts.  And instagram, twitter, etc.  How do you get better at social media?  Do it constantly. That’s the secret.  Each piece of content is a way to market yourself or your company.  The more pieces of the content the better.  Some people will say not every article is worth reading… to those people I say the article was written for.  All types of audiences exist.  I should know… I do a lot of interest/demographic targeting… PPC…

No seriously this is the last blog before I go to sleep.  I can’t finish the other three blogs.  There’s no chance of that happening tonight.  My plan tomorrow is to wake and go buy food.  I literally have no food… or water left.  It’s a horrible situation… where unless I’m at a restaurant and have left overs… food is at a premium….  I’m not sure how it gets to this.  I think about this every time.

Also… it’s the holiday season so I saved up some money to buy myself gifts. It’s lame… but most of my friends give me gifts that have no use to me.  I used to think they did this on purpose… but it’s because I’m so picky.  I custom design all my gifts and sent it to the 3d printer.  Or the t-shirt printer.. or the card printer.  Since I love graphic design so much, it’s a great way to express my creativity.  And in many ways what I’m giving myself is time.  Time for painting, drawing, etc.

I lived near a mall when I was younger.  All the cool kids would go to the mall. I wasn’t one of them.  And til this day I don’t like going to the mall.  I’m a heavy and recovering online shopper.  I scan my desk now.. and there are multiple things I purchased that I never used.  Like… a second desk… Ironic.

Anyways, I’m excited to spend a little bit of time doing graphic design tomorrow.  And I’m super excited to get some  sleep.