Professional Sales & Social Media in Houston Texas


To give a general idea of my skills I am a very tech savvy person and I am great with PhotoShop, PaintShop Pro, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. I am also great with social media and some aspects of website development. Aside from my skills with software I also have some skill with fixing electronics such as game consoles and laptops and consider it a fun past time.

I have a professional sales and customer service company that is looking for new clients to work with.

Studies have proven over and over again how important customer service is and how it can make a positive difference to your competitor.

I have been in the sales and customer service industry for over 9 years. During this time I have always been the top sales representative breaking company records in my sales performance. Because of my success I have decided to work for my self and help other businesses.

With my experience I know what works and what does not work in order to close a sale.

Working in the sales industry I know how hard it is to fined motivated sales representatives that know what they are doing.

Some of the things that I can do for your company are.

* Answer phone calls for you
* Make bookings
*Work as a full time sales rep,
*Create a sales platform,
*Manage your social media,
*Create sales contracts and brochures,
*Test the market and do a market analysis,
*Do cold calling,
*warm calling,
*B2B sales,
*Build a sales script,
*Build a sales email,

I am an experienced self-motivated individual with advanced analytical skills and passion to Digital Marketing. I have a good knowledge of SEO, Social Media, Word Press CMS, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, SharePoint, Cognos, Access, SAP Business Objects, Power Point, Excel, Word, Outlook and basic knowledge of Adobe PhotoShop. Have experience in creating website using WordPress CMS, creating social profiles at Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, crafting posts and engaging the audience, installing various plug-ins on website, including Google Analytics. Please feel free to check the result: