Professional Web Developer – I’ll make a site for your business


Have you tried the “free options?” Those sites are extremely difficult and take time away from you running your business. I’m a professional web developer with a full time job, looking for some side work helping out a small business. I’ll make a site or update your current site for your business in exchange for money (via PayPal) or a barter.Feel free to ask me for references, I have hundreds of them.

I can do 100% custom web applications as opposed to just sticking you with some out-of-the-box content management system that’s big and cumbersome. This means it will be extremely easy and fast to manage your site. In the images above, I’ve included an example of a custom back-end and how it ties directly to my client’s website, so that it’s easy to use.

I have over 15 years experience, over 400 clients through the companies I’ve worked for, and am still active. If it can be done on a website, I can do it. I can even provide site/application references if needed. I can work with you on anything ranging from small things like adding Google Maps integration or Facebook integration to your current site all the way up to building a full custom application.

For specific details if you want to know, I work mostly with php, mysql, and Javascript (usually with jQuery). I’ve also dealt with MANY other languages and databases, so if you have an existing site you need modified, let me know what language, I probably have worked with it before. I also specialize in creating responsive websites, meaning they’re specially designed for computers, tablets, and phones. (I have examples if you’re unsure of what I mean).