Public Relations Major: Internships & Job Salary 10 Tips

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Public Relations Major: Internships & Job Salary 10 Tips

As is covered in detail at, public relations majors engage with practical strategies and theoretical models for managing the public-facing images of individuals, companies, and organizations. The need for qualified PR professionals has never been greater in the digital era, which is why a public relations degree is one of the most popular majors in colleges according to As a public relations major, keep reading for more information on internships and career options.

Importance of internships for public relations majors

While qualifications are important, when starting in PR, your experience is what will give you the edge over the other candidates as discussed over at In today’s competitive world, even graduates are required to hit the ground running which is why internships for public relations majors are so important as they give them the requisite experience. Through an internship, PR majors can acquire first-hand knowledge about the world of PR, experience new professional activities while putting what they have learned in class into practice, while also building relationships and networks that will serve them well in the future according to

Considerations for public relations internships

The first thing you need to do when it comes to PR internships, as explained over at, is to identify the type of organization you are interested in as well as the industry sector you would like to work in. This is because each industry differs when it comes to what is required and skill. Some industries, like the consumer industry, are fast-paced and are constantly on the go which means they involve lots of work including writing lots of media releases. Other industries, such as business or government, may include more strategy and media relations. Know your strengths and choose the industry that best suits them.

Are public relations internships paid?

According to the subject matter experts over at, there are both paid and unpaid internship opportunities for public relations majors to explore. However, you should note that most internships in this field will not be paid, which means that you shouldn’t expect to find an internship that pays. In any case, the real benefit of public relations internships is in the experience and relationships you build while interning, not how much you get paid.

How much do public relations interns get paid?

While finding paid public relations internship opportunities may not be easy, they do exist as outlined over at In the US, the average salary for public relations interns is about $13.77 per hour, which is about the same as what communications interns earn. How much you will earn exactly will, however, depend on several factors including location, with PR interns in Washington, DC, Austin, TX, San Francisco, CA, and Chicago, IL being among the highest paid in the country.

Types of internships for public relations majors

As a PR major, you will have several options to consider as far as internships are concerned from discussions on the same over at They include:

Marketing department internships

Internships in non-profits

Special event internships (special events like festivals, sporting events, and industry conferences are great opportunities to gain experience in interacting with the public).

Top PR internships

If you are looking for a great internship experience to add to your resume, you should consider the following opportunities as captured over at

Fashion internship opportunity to work with the Stella McCartney team in New York

Internship opportunity to work with The Oprah Magazine

Writing ad PR internship opportunity to work with PETA

Paid non-profit PR internship opportunity with, among others.

The average annual salary for public relations majors

As articulated over at, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) puts the median annual wage for salaried PR specialists at about $60,000. The lowest 10% earn about $33,690 while the top 10% earn well over $112,310. If you have just graduated with a degree in public relations and are wondering how much you will be making, it is worth noting that the average annual salary for entry-level PR specialists is about $43,997.

High-paying jobs for public relations majors

Some of the high-paying jobs in the PR field, as covered over at, include:

Public relations and fundraising managers – PR managers are responsible for planning and directing the creation of materials that maintain or boost the image of the client while fundraising managers are responsible for coordinating campaigns that bring in donations to various types of organizations. They earn a median annual salary of $114,800.

Advertising, promotions, and marketing managers – They plan promotions and programs to increase interest in a variety of products and services and earn a median annual salary of $132,620.

Top executives – They earn a median annual salary of $104,980.

Public relations specialists – They create and maintain a favorable public image for the organization they represent and earn a median annual salary of $60,000.

Entry-level jobs for public relations majors

If you are fresh out of college, the above positions may be out of your reach, hence why the gurus over at recommend that you consider the following entry-level jobs:




Meeting, convention, and event planner

Direct marketing spokesperson

Employee relations

Media buyer

Media planner, among others.

Job outlook

As a public relations major, you must know the job outlook as far as your career is concerned according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that demand for qualified PR professionals will keep pace with overall growth in the American job market between 2018 and 2028. For example, the BLS projects a 6% growth rate for public relations specialists over that period, which is in line with the national average for all occupations.

These are the things you need to be aware of as a PR major when it comes to internships and career options, with more on this wide topic to be found over at the highly regarded and

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