Purple Unicorn


This is what marketing people refer to as someone who every agency needs.   They are limited edition of something that is already rare.  I like the term.  But I’ve also heard Silver Unicorn and most commonly Unicorn.  In marketing if you develop a skill set that is unique, you are that purple Unicorn.  Part of why I’m so eager to collect skills, is I see a manger as someone who can do everything.  They should be able to code, do PPC/SEO, Sales, etc.  TBH, they should be able to run their own agency because that’s what they are doing.  They have to learn skills like accounting and management.  There is always more to learn and more to do.  

Learning is great.. but I learn to execute for a client.  Given my previous experience, non-execution of a product or a service is terrible.  The client has come to you because they have marketing problems.  For you to do anything but your best is a disservice.  The greatest sin I see in marketing is Sloth.  People believe they are special…. and they deserve this and that.  When in fact… if you can’t deliver.. what else is there to talk about?  Everything I’ve done in marketing has been about delivering.  I get car leads… but if the leads are crap then I didn’t do a good job.  Same with personal injury and e-commerce.  And same with websites.

Without delivery there is nothing.  I mean seriously.. what is there.  My PPC contracts are monthly.  They have to be renewed…  and the guarantee I have is my own ability to deliver results.  I like it this way.  Nothing is handed to me.  And I can’t rest on past laurels because great you sold 200 cars last month.. what are you going to sell this month?  My affinity to PPC is you have deliver every single month.  Some months will be better… and hopefully you client understands that… but in the end if you can make your client money… why would they let you go.

I’m glad I got to experience an agency that rewarded sloth over accomplishments.  Our sales person… in 90 days of being paid an extremely high salary.  A base salary equal to what the market suggested 2-3 sales people be paid… didn’t deliver on one sale.  Yet, he got a macbook and pats on the back.  Eventually the end result is a company of people who don’t deliver… is going under fast…