Python Specialist Resume Template in Houston Texas


Professional Summary

3+ years of experience in Technology
Python developer (w/ OOP)
Full SDLC experience
Experienced in multiple Python frameworks — web, HTTP, testing, in-built and 3rd party modules
Worked with both SQL and NoSQL
Middleware experience

Worked on web apps, desktop apps, scripting
Skillset includes front-end tools — HTML, CSS, Javascript
Experienced with REST APIs, JSON, XML
Knowledge of Shell/Bash scripting
Ubuntu, CentOS experience
Agile/SCRUM experience


? Languages: Python 2.7, 3.4, Bash, SQL
? MVC Frameworks: Django
? Database: MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, Redis, HBase, openTSDB
? Web/App Servers/Cloud: Apache, AWS, Rundeck
? Web Services/API: RESTful APIs, JSON, XML
? Front-end/Web: HTML, CSS
? GUI: PyQt
? Testing/VCS : Unittest, doctest, Nose, Mock / Git, Stash, SVN
? IDE/Text Editors: Pycharm, Sublime, Vim, TextWrangler
? OS: Mac , Windows, CentOS, Ubuntu, VM, VPS

Setting up environment
Django feature enhancements
Django Admin tutorial for Visa PenTest team
Upgrade Django (1.6–>1.7) , Python (2.7.6–>2.7.9) and other libraries
Template additions, integrating TinyMCE editor
CI adoption
LDAP integration and group permissions tuning
Unittest creation and testing
Database Normalization
Enhance DB search
Bulk Image Uploading
SDLC plan creation

Setting up Environment within Ubuntu VirtualBox
Debugging using nose, fudge, unittest
Adding, modifying features within Turbogears, templating engines, MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB
Design, implement RESTful APIs for authentication, controller manipulation
Wrote DDL, DML scripts for MySQL, Postgres
ETL processing,
Celery, RabbitMQ services
Emailer services using SMTP
Creating multi-page application using AngularJS
Working with daily SCRUM and Agile environment

? Build internal tools and make them web accessible
? Configure servers, operations mgmt. tools
? Migrate desktop apps to web apps
? Design Django web site
? Integrate Django with Rundeck’s REST API
? Design RESTful API with djangorestframework
? Develop DB Schemas
? Refactoring, Optimizing existing Python codebase
? Environment — Python ,Django, MySQL, Tkinter, Paramiko, Fabric, ssh, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Rundeck, Apache, Windows, Ubuntu, SVN, etc.

Developed middleware using Python
? Configured and wrote MySQL queries
? Multi-tenancy MySQL
? Lead team with the Sr. Architect
? Integrated Hadoop technologies, MySQL, etc.
? Distributed DB processing
? Integrate agents with backend app using REST API
? ETL processing
? JDBC coding with MySQL
? Configured Apache, Tomcat, AWS
? Developed distributables/bundles for different Platforms – Windows, Mac, Linux
? Optimized technology solutions for business logic
? Screened and interviewed candidates

? Environment: Hadoop, HBase, CouchBase, openTSDB, MySQL, Python, Java, Spring, RabbitMQ, py/2exe/2app/installer, HTML, jQuery, Windows, OS X, Linux, etc.