Weekend Thoughts – A Longer Blog About Working From Home


Considering all the things I should have gone done this weekend. It was meh. It was not helpful that Comcast decided to have an outage. Although, even without the outage I could have gotten a lot more done then I did.

It’s the unexpected things that make you reconsider how you spend your time. Now that I’m without internet, I realize all the things I should have done when I had internet. I’m able to get online with my phone… but typing there is less than efficient.

This would be a good time to buckle down and get some white papers done.

Let’s see. I have to redo a contract for an potential employee, create a contract for a potential client, do invoicing, and post a blog or two. Oh I can just read a book the rest of today.

Actually, it’s probably better that I don’t have internet. Haha. I can go out and get some exercise. It’s slightly frustrating but on the whole a good thing. I’m sure I’ll survive.

Startup life overall has been fun. Lots of noise but overall pretty fun. It’s hard to grind the hours. And it’s getting harder. Everyday is pretty monotonous in terms of workflow. Same old same old sales. The sales cycle never really ends.

I purchased a new monitor which is suppose to come in Tuesday. I should have just went to Best Buy… but I was lazy so I ordered it online and now I get to wait for 4-5 days. The desk is a little small. But that’s actually a benefit because it forces me to be clean. I have another storage space right next to it in case I ever have too much stuff on my desk.

Right now it’s a basic printer, a lamp (which I need to remove since its not great in terms of actually providing light), a microphone, headphones, an in/out file, and a macbook with stand. I have to to figure out where to put the new monitor. It will be nice having two monitors again.

Working for home is interesting. It doesn’t feel like home or work. It’s a weird mix where you can wake up and do work. But then in the day time you can take a break and unwind.

One bad part about working from home is you have to visit clients. Working from home doesn’t mean you don’t drive. Some days I drive a lot more than if I had a 9 to 5. But I don’t need to drive everyday.

I don’t believe it’s for everyone. You have to be hyper motivated to do a good job. And many people don’t get much done at home. They act like they do… but really they are just playing Overwatch.