Real World Advice for Graphic Design Freelancers


Real World Advice for Graphic Design Freelancers

The thought of been independent and choosing your own time to work is one that every graphic designer desires. It takes a lot to be a freelancer, unlike working in the office, you have to find your own clients. Starting from scratch can be hard if have no idea what you are about to face. After reading this article and following it through you are guaranteed to become a successful freelancer.

The first step in your journey to becoming a successful freelancer is you need to brand yourself. You are the face of what you are offering. You can simply start off by joining social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Write about yourself, your job experience, what you do, so that people can connect with you. Do not mind if you get only 2000 followers on facebook, quality overrules quantity every time.

Create an online and printed portfolio showing your working. When dealing with clients directly, they mostly what to see your work. Take your time to create an effective portfolio online. This is a very crucial step when you want to become a freelancer. A printed portfolio is needed when your client what to see you in person. You can also make business cards to give out to potential clients, you never know someone might call you back.

As a freelancer networking with other people is essential, this is how you meet your clients. Tell people what you are doing. You can start by talking to your family members and close friends, email your colleagues from college, former workmates. The reason of doing this is to get contacts and references for your business. Attend as many events as possible, even those that are not related to graphic design. Socialize with people and introduce yourself as a graphic designer. You should not wait for clients to look for you, go to your clients.

Most people who start off as freelancers jump to every job that is presented to them. It understandable you are desperate to get your first clients and you want to earn money, but you should remember why you became a freelancer in the first place. You should do a job that you enjoy, a job that you are capable of doing. If a job is presented to you and you do not have the skillset to tackle it, do not be afraid to turn it down. There is a high possibility that if you choose a job that you do not enjoy, you will not finish it at the required time and your confidence.

When dealing with clients, it is important to communicate with them on a regular basis. Inform them on the progress of their project, when the project will be done and any vital information that they should know. Other than communication, you need to practice good customer service. The work handed to you should be of high quality and delivered at the appointed time.

For you to be better, you need to constantly practice. By practicing constantly you get to boost your confidence in your ability to work. It will also give you an opportunity to work on your personal projects. You can join a group which is related to graphic design to sharpen your skill set.

As a graphic designer learning never ends. You need to be alert to all the new trends happening around for you to be relevant. Read about other freelancer and they work and learn from them. Learn to draw inspiration from everything you see around you. Have a book with you every time to write new ideas that pop into your mind.

The question, how much? from clients is one that many freelancers have not figured out yet. Freelancer fear that they may overcharge and the clients might run away or undercharge. You should value your work according to its quality and the number of clients you have. Do not be afraid to ask for what you deserve.


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