Real World Advice for Marketing Freelancers


Real World Advice for Marketing Freelancers

Having become a freelance marketer is a huge accomplishment. Marketing, particularly digital marketing is the lifeblood of many small businesses today. They have used digital marketing and the social media platforms that accommodate them as a means to gain much needed leverage as they stand up against many giants in their fields. A freelance marketer has the opportunity to capitalize on the growing demands of marketing services and create a long lasting career. Below is some real world advice for marketing freelancers that could better equip them for working in the real world.

1) Have an Impressive Portfolio and Quality Samples of Your Previous Work

If you’ve already mastered your craft as a freelance marketer, perform great quality work and have and can prove results driven outcomes, then you should be able to able to measure your performance with statistical data that shows your clients that your services work and are effective. It would also be in your best interest to have a strong, results driven portfolio readily available for those seeking marketing services. This allows your great work to go ahead of you and speak on your behalf.

Potential clients can then become familiar with your level of work long before they speak with you directly, which is what you want. So by the time you are contacted by a potential customer, they will already be sold on your work and likely ready to hire you.

2) Be Well-Versed in Both Digital and Traditional Marketing Services

With so many marketing services in demand today, marketers can chose a specialty and focus on it, making that area their primary service area. However, those that are well-versed in both digital and traditional marketing services can take full advantage of more opportunities that could be coming their way, as there are still some companies that implement both forms of marketing.

3) Must be Able to Manage the Client’s Budget

Although freelance marketers usually work in an independent capacity, they are still responsible for properly managing their client’s budget and being able to perform the services requested within that budget. They also must be able to show how they can implement results driven strategies within the budget provided. Otherwise the clients can become very frustrated and even terminate the service if marketers go over the budget and have challenges accomplishing the desired outcome.

4) Focus on Results driven services

Marketers may be in great demand for their much-needed services, however, unless and until they can communicate with current and potential clients about how they can implement results driven services, they may not obtain or maintain the client. Being able to tie marketing services to statistical outcomes will enable the marketer to appear more competitive than the average freelancer. Showing statistical results should also consist of pointing out the client’s ROI both before and after the services have been rendered.

5) Other Tips for Running Your Freelance Marketing Business

Being a freelance marketer means that you will have to wear many hats and oversee multiple projects that are taking place at one time. This includes your own accounting work (unless it’s subcontracted out to someone else,) your own marketing and advertising work as well as other required services that are required by business owners.

You also need to make sure you have the latest software and equipment that will enable you to properly perform your job both effectively and competitively.

Hopefully this real world marketing advice has been helpful and can be properly implemented into your business.