Reasons Rational Messaging in Marketing Communication is Important


Reasons Rational Messaging in Marketing Communication is Important

Small-scale businesses and start-ups often find it hard to market their products and fend off competition from the big boys who have already established in the industry. They try different marketing strategies and very few seem to work for them. What most marketers don’t often employ in their marketing are rational marketing messages. Actually, it has come to my recent attention that very few marketers understand what rational marketing is all about and how to incorporate it in their business. In this article, I will expound on rational messages, the importance of employing it in your campaigns and finally provide insights and tips on how to incorporate it in your business. So, what are rational marketing messages?

Rational appeal is a marketing strategy where one appeals to buyers and potential clients of his/her clients by based on the strongholds of the products. In marketing the product, the owner highlights the benefits of using the product and often claims that the product comes at an affordable price. It is a very effective marketing strategy that is cheap to accomplish and has very good results when implemented properly. Very many people often confuse rational appeal with emotional marketing. Just to clarify the difference, emotional appeal is a more persuasive strategy where you invoke feelings in a buyer by outlining the connection between the product’s quality and the buyer’s deep-seated interests in the same product. So, why is it important to adopt rational messaging in your business? What is its importance? Does it have any advantages?

Advantages of rational messaging in today’s business

Rational appeal is a cheap marketing strategy. You only need to base your arguments on the strongholds of your product and the fair rates at which the products are selling. This means that you won’t have to spend a whole lot much in your campaigns.?You can equally reach a larger consumer base in one go. You can market the product to more than one demographic consumer group at once. This not only makes the campaign cheaper but quicker in terms of delivering results.?Research shows that the most budget-conscious consumers tend to opt for products marketed through rational messages. Most people want a quality product that serves the purpose right and comes at an affordable rate. This means that if you employ rational messaging properly in your campaigns, you will reap the right results.?Prices are catchy- Very many people often buy products and services based on their prices. This means that if you are likely to reap great results by employing this technique in your business.

Reasons Rational Messaging in marketing communication is Important

Sense- Most consumers buy only the things that make sense and add value to their lives. When you have proper rational messages set out in your campaign, you are likely to get yourself a large following.

Information is vital to buyers- Very many buyers want to know the thinking behind the pricing of certain products. They seek rationale in almost everything they do-purchasing products is not an exception.

Prices are the reference point-For most shoppers, price supersedes quality when shopping. Tough economic times have seen people move their preferences from the quality of the products and switch the focus to the prices. So long as a product accomplishes a task properly, then the buyer will take it.

Logic beats emotion in shopping- After something invokes feelings in someone, the most immediate thing that happens is the mind will start weighing options. Is it worth the buy? This logic or rationale is what most of the time wins and is a reason enough to make you adopt rational marketing messages in your business.

Ease of digestion- It is very easy for consumers to digest and understand the information and facts that go into rational messages. If the price of a service is $50, then immediately the consumer will want to know why the services cost $50 and the backing information will feed the consumer with the information.

The leading source of referrals- Research shows that most of the referrals in the market today arise from rational marketing messages. People are likely to share out word on your product if they find the functionality and price reasonable.

Very little room for disappointment- unlike emotional appeals which lead people to ‘falling in love’ with products, rational messages will describe products the way they are. This means that anyone buying your product will be aware of its quality and the likelihood of the consumer getting disappointed is very low.

Loyal customers- People will come back for more when you send out a rational message about your product and the description fits the functionality, then they will be coming back for more. This is a reason enough to adopt rational messaging.

Quick results- There isn’t much that needs to go into rational messaging for one to decide whether he/she will buy a product or not. A quick glance at the price and a little look at the justification and the mind is made up whether to buy the product or not. This means there will be quicker results in terms of sales.

Well, there you go, you now have a grip of what rational messaging is and why you should be keen to incorporate it in your business. It is a proven strategy that will yield into immediate results.