Relax, It’s a Sunday



I’m taking today off.  Saturday was productive.  I sprayed for ants, brought a ladder, clean my gutters (it was so gross), did laundry, washed dishes, obtained enough food for the week, cleaned, re-organized, and watched some Korean Drama… and finish that Korean Drama.  Rather than following up with another productive day I’m sitting on my favorite couch blogging about sitting on my couch.

I’ll probably spend my Sunday outlining (for fun of course… since I really enjoy doing that)… various scripts and making videos for my hobby channel.  It’s crazy how time restricted I currently am.  Much to do… and little time to do it.  It would be nice to have time to read.  If I ever retire… I will literally live in a public library.  That’s what I miss the most about school.  The constant reading of various texts you otherwise wouldn’t know existed.  In law school I worked with a Professor to do Supreme Court analysis and bias… essentially independent study.  I had a blast since I got to go over hundreds of cases… I received a A-, which is okay for law school.  It was the most fun class I’ve ever taken.

Going to add one or two more blogs since I expect this week to be busy. I need more hours in the day and I’ve already optimized sleep.  I’m going to post as many “advance” blogs as I can.  I’m paying for this website… even for it’s maintenance… I might as well use it as an online diary since it may be useful later to someone.  Maybe my mom.  🙂