Resetting & Recovering from Burn Out


These last two days… really three days if you count Wednesday.. I went to work last Wednesday but didn’t do anything productive….  have been relaxing.  I caught up with my anime.  DuraDura which is one of the weirdest anime shows I’ve watched.  It also rematched the devil is a part timer.  Still my favorite.  And I finished how to create murderer.  I’m all reset and excited to work on a few different things this weekend.  Another pitch deck and some updated study guides.  I’m hoping to update them all those year.  It’s a large task, but something I’m looking forward to doing.

My schedule is pretty clean.  I like it a lot.  Everything is neat and in place now.  If I can get 6 more months of this productivity I’ll get everything I want.  Or at least that’s what I assume.  Assumptions are bad.  That doesn’t mean I don’t make them though.  I track my progress and my productivity with numbers.  Most in marketing and especially in social media think that numbers don’t matter…. ROI is a number and it matters.  Numbers make it easy to compare accounts.  And that’s why having more PPC accounts is better, you have can compare them.  Without a control… how do you know what you are doing is the most optimal?  You don’t.

A clean schedule provides me 4 hours of learning beyond the 8 hour work day.  This 4 hours is why I’m better… not to be too obnoxious… but if I work 4 hours more every day then you… I should be about 50% better than you are…  At least that’s the theory.  The truth is that it’s way more than 50% due to compounding interest.  How do you get good at something when you don’t do it?  You can’t?  You only get good at something if you do it over and over again.  There are times I manually doc all my PPC… this is even if I know I easily do it on AdWords Editor.  I force myself to grind…. It’s not a waste of time, more a training process.

I don’t know if you know this… but I’m excited for 2016.  I got over 1,000 instagram followers today!! This means I accomplished all my goals for 2015.  And woah was it fun…. A never ending adventure where I get to make my own endings.  And that’s the beauty of having a marketing agency, every failure or success is tried directly with your decisions.  There’s no excuses.  And no hiding.  If I fail, it’s because I did something wrong.  This direct relationship accelerates my learning process.  I’m able to learn based on mistakes and corrections.  There’s no huh… maybe we failed because our graphic design team wasn’t great.  Maybe it was the content writer… how about the AE… nope… it’s all on me.

Tracking things with numbers is a good indicator of how active you are.  It’s a questionable indicator of whether or not you are actually good at social media… but as an indicator of activity, it’s great.  The more likes and followers you have the more engaging your content is.  I also use Klout to make sure my subscribers are engaged.  The whole.. I don’t have time to do social media… doesn’t work when you are in marketing.  Branding yourself and your company is a job.  Sometimes it’s not a paid job… but it reaps benefits in the future.  The more people who follow you the greater the chance someone will hire you when they need marketing.