Rivals and Cutting Ties



I’ll start with a college story.  Freshman orientation, sometime in July, I met Kenny.  I knew he would be my rival for the next 3.5 years.  He was as social, smart, and hard working.  We survived pre-med with mostly A’s and were chemistry teaching assistants.  We would often be compared because… and shared a similar friend pool.  However, there were stark difference in our personality.  I was more crazy and he was more ambitious.  Regardless, he was the perfect rival.  We pushed each other to do better and be better.

In law school it was Christina.  She was better at writing and reading (two important things in law school).  I learned a lot from her.  She was like an older sister and a strong rival.

Today, as silly as it sounds I’m searching for a new rival.  I’ve tried… and I put in a lot of effort going to Houston events, etc.  IMO a rival is someone who shares the same passion as you do.  The only difference is they have different end goals.  At my previous agency when I explained my desire to blog and do social media… the social media people laughed.  They told me I would never have as many twitter followers as they do… within 3 months I had 10X.  They told me I wouldn’t have an Instagram as good as they do… within 2 months I had 2X.  And they told me YouTubing is dumb… my YouTube generates enough revenue to pay off my hobby.

But worst of all they told me this website which I spent many nights working on, SEOing, blogging, writing content,Guttulus youtube Channel etc was a terrible idea.  When people are so negative about what you want to do, you have to cut ties.  These people aren’t worth thinking about.  A rival is a person who through competition helps you grow and learn.  I hope to find a strong rival soon.