Rivals Are the Best Things Ever


I love having a competent rival.  Someone who is about the same skill level as me.  If you select the correct rival, you will rise together.  I had one at NYU and one in law school.  Rivals push you to new levels.  And their passion spills over to yours.  I review it as mutually beneficial.  Weak rivals however… have limited use.  Unless they have a certain skill you want to acquire.  It’s possible to have arrival weak in most things, with one strong trait.

You are who you’re friends are.  Kenny W was a great rival.  We were equally intelligent and in almost all the same classes.  We were recitation teachers together… and even clinic.  And we studied at the same library floor.  We talked often.  And I met him even before school started.  He had many traits I did not have.  And I have many he didn’t.  Through our rivalry, we both benefited.  The same with law school.  Although… in this case I shouldn’t really say who my rival was.  Since they are a lawyer… hehe.

When I meet someone who is better at a skill, I want to learn that skill from them.  Most cases there is some sort of exchange in learning.  PPC is a self taught skill.  but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have a rival.  I had the best type… the one that infuriates you.  I still consider PG my rival today.  She displayed some excellent excuses as to why she couldn’t do PPC.  I remember our email conversations.  I’ve never seen her or talked to her on the phone.  Which is ridiculous… all things considered.

The reasons she’s a perfect rival for me… in PPC… is because I want to be the exact opposite of what she was.   She had 3 jobs paying 6 figures each job… but never did them.  At least she never did the job we paid her.  Marketing and PPC in particular doesn’t have a great reputation in Houston.  I can go on and on… but PG is the best example of someone who promises X and delivers nada.  And the beauty of this rival is she won’t ever go away.

I had the opportunity to have coffee with her.  Apparently she contacted us and wanted to “work together.”  What she didn’t know was I had previously worked with her.  Obviously when I revealed who I was… she canceled the coffee meeting.  What a shame really.  I was really hoping to meet her.