Roughest Week of My Life



First off…  I’m terrible at purchasing plane tickets.  And emergency related things.  Last night was probably one of the top five worst nights in my life.  Non-refundable plane tickets and a whole family related mess.  I don’t stress easily.  That’s probably one of my better attributes.  But this is stressful.  I’m sure tomorrow will be an even worst day.  It’s okay.  I can deal.

It’s been an absolute nightmare from every perspective.  I’m sure my sister is as stressed.  She probably has even less leeway at her job to handle this situation.  It’s clear to me what is causing this stress.  Obviously you remove the source as soon as you can.  Otherwise it will eat you alive.  To be honest… I’m mad.  And that’s not an emotion I even have.  I don’t get mad at things or people.  I move on.  This is something I am not at all pleased.  I’ll figure things out later.