Sabbatical for College Students

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Guttulus Sabbatical for College Students

Want to leave college for a year?  Not happy with paying for online classes? 

Join Guttulus for a one year internship to see if marketing is the right major / career for you. 

As an intern you will learn :

graphic design




search engine optimization

pay per click

social media management

email marketing

content generation

We will give you a chance to :

separate yourself from the pack

an opportunity to find out what career you want

a chance to work in a team

a chance to work with talented individuals

access to mentors

chance to experience digital marketing from an agency

a way to use what you learn

a change to influence the culture at a startup

work on projects you can add value to. 

earn money (All Guttulus Interns are PAID)

You will be provided

real assignments

real clients

an orientation session with the entire team

continued training


relocation assistance

housing assistance




Flexible time

a mentor in the field you are most interested in

team building events

ability to go to industry events

real life experience

networking in the profession


exposure to all facets of own an agency

Guttulus Internship to Job Promise

We do not believe in unpaid internships.

We believe in investing money and resources into our interns. 

We try to offer every intern a transition into a job at Guttulus. 

Interns are important at Guttulus because they provide :


promote community involvement

create positivity for sure hires

add to our community

opportunity to develop future talent.