Sales Means Ignoring Negativity



Sales is 99 percent of people saying no… and not giving up until you find that one person who says yes.  Three years ago, I would have been terrible at sales.  I’m still not very good… but I deal with negativity a lot better.  One of the key traits I learned from doing social media, people can be mean.  However, people who are mean are unlikely to be interested in buying what you are selling anyways.  And that’s how I developed a thick layer of skin.  Negativity is ever present.  Let’s face it, the majority of people are not interested in the product or service you are selling.  There is not one product or service everyone needs… maybe the iPhone… but that’s it.

When someone does not require the service you are providing, they will be obnoxious since they assume you are wasting their time.  Perhaps, you are wasting their time.  And that’s okay.  Before, I cared a lot about what strangers think…  what random non-important strangers think.  Now, I care much less.  Why do you care about what an online stranger you never met thinks about your blog or video?  I don’t.  If they like it… great.  If they don’t, then eventually they will take their negativity somewhere else.

And that brings me to sales.  Long winded, I understand.  Most times when you send an email… you won’t get a response back.  This is just a part of sales I’ve learned to accept.  What it means is… you have to send even more emails.  Obviously, if there is a flaw in the process, you should change that.  You want to be as optimized as possible.  Being a good sales person means not giving up in the face of negativity.  This is the exact same philosophy when I create content.  Not everyone is going to like your content.  Your content may even offend some people.  But you shouldn’t stop making it.

It is this skill set I wanted most…  to be able to face negativity and keep going.  It’s not adversity.  My definition of adversity is non-people problems.  My definition of negativity is people problems.  And of all the ways to learn this skill… I learned it from social media.

I will leave one more thought, valid criticism is valuable.  If overall feedback is saying the same thing, you probably should listen.  Although… it’s not always easy to tell negativity from constructive criticism.  This is another valuable skill, I’m learning.