Sales Representative: Expectation vs Reality 2020

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Sales Representative: Expectation vs Reality 2020

A sales representative, simply put, sells good and services to customers. A sales rep, as they are known in short, will look to work with customers, finding out what they want as well as finding solutions to issues that may arise, all of this aimed at ensuring a smooth sales process as per the subject matter experts over at the excellent As a sales rep, you will not only have to sell goods and services, you will also be tasked with looking for new leads as well. As per the gurus over at, some of the ways a sales rep can find new leads is through client referrals, business directories and so many others, all of which you should be on top of. If you have the requisite techniques and have the right attitude, then you should do reasonably well as a sales rep and should find the profession rewarding and exiting in equal measure. Most people, when looking for their first job fresh out of college, tend to try out as a sales rep. Mostly, such people go in with misconceptions as far as life as a sales rep is concerned. If you are to be successful as a sales representative, then you shouldn’t go in with unrealistic expectations. This article should therefore be of great help as it will look to highlight some of the expectations verses the reality of life as a sales rep going into 2020.

One of the biggest expectations when it comes to life as a sales representative is that you will be able to close your first deal as soon as you start working. This expectation can be traced to TV shows and movies where most characters who play the role of a sales rep usually close their deals within a matter of minutes, using clever anecdotes. This quick close as portrayed in TV shows and movies couldn’t be further from the reality on the ground as per the subject matter experts over at This is because, in reality, making your first sale as a sales representative is not that easy, especially since most deals are usually quite complex and will require multiple calls and meetings to get over the line. There are deals that may require months before being completed, with many emails and calls going unanswered along the way. Even if you experience immediate success, you should be prepared for the fact that there will be more difficult deals to come and that life won’t always be rosy.

Another misconception about life as a sales representative is that it is a cut-throat life where everyone looks out for themselves and stabbing each other in the back is common place. This misconception can also be attributed to TV shows and movies where we regularly see sales reps being portrayed as being conniving and devious, plotting against and stabbing their fellow reps in the back. However, as per the subject matter experts over at, the reality is that sales representatives actually collaborate a lot and work within teams. While it is true that sales reps are pretty competitive since they are usually working towards set targets and goals, in order to close deals, especially the big ones, it requires a team effort. The remit of a sales representative has changed a lot in the last couple of years, and it is now geared towards team work and making decisions based on the common good rather than for the good of one person, a trend we expect to see grow as we go into 2020. As per the gurus over at, the best companies work to ensure that they build a sales team that is all about teamwork and collaboration, something to keep in mind going into 2020.

Another massive misconception as far as sales representatives go is that the bosses are horrible and are only concerned with the numbers and the bottom line. Sales managers usually get a bad rep as being hungry for power and money only focused on the bottom line and if you don’t hit the set goals you will be called into their office for a grilling. However, as per discussions on the same over at, the modern-day sales managers care more about their sales representatives and will be heavily invested in your success just as much as the success of the company. This means that, nowadays, sales managers will care if you are growing and getting better and will be invested in your career trajectory. This people-first approach is something you should expect of your boss as a sales representative going into 2020. Another expectation is that as a sales rep, you will be hitting your quota every month or year. The reality however is that, there will be months and quarters where you will fail to hit your quota. The key here is having the determination and character to bounce back from disappointments. You may try getting some coaching or mentoring from a senior sales rep if you are having trouble hitting your quota and are struggling.

As a sales rep, if you need help on this and other related topics going into 2020, then the highly rated is here for you.