Sales, the Art of War


Sales can be a lot of fun.  In theory, it’s like optimizing in real life.  Once you receive a no, you go back figure out what to change and repeat a few hundred or thousand more times.  Sale is also about not allowing negativity to dampen your mood; surprisingly something social media has taught be a lot about…. deal with negative people.  Oh trolls….  On a more serious note… I’m glad I had the experiences on social media I did.  If you can’t deal with negativity then you won’t get too far.

These work days… and nights are blending together.  Sometimes I can’t tell if it’s day or night… no windows.  And long day tomorrow at the office.  And then another client visit.  I really want to update my new google study guides and produce some content for the Google partners community… but sales is a full time job.  There’s honestly unlimited leads out there.  Haha.. I’m starting to do PPC late late at night now…

All of this aside… I”m intrigued by the concept of sales.  And how important it is.  You can survive off this skill independently.  Sales is a such a desirable quality.  And like PPC, you can find a person who is good at all sales.  I do PPC for doctors, dentist, care dealerships, etc… so a good sales person can do any industry.  Now that’s a skill set I want to have.  I’m still practicing but I’m getting better at it.  There’s a lot of things I’ve learned and my sales funnel is semi-optimized at this moment.

I’m always wanted to collect valuable skills and I’m glad I have the opportunity to learn this one.  Sales is the blood line of any business… and at its core… it’s marketing.  It’s nice you have a great website but what if no one sees it.  Isn’t the end goal of most marketing to sell to someone.  Either a customer or a brand.  I mean where would a company be without sales… or people who could go out and sells.  Yes.  I want to master this skill.  It will be very useful.