Saturday Night, Will it be Productive?


Saturday nights have never been great productivity wise.  I always find something random to do or have friends want to do something.  At this juncture in time, the worst case is I go out tonight…  There is so much work to do… alas the trials and tribulations of startup life.  Startup life is like pre-med… you always feel guilty when you aren’t work on your startup. I’ve stayed home 3-4 Friday nights to work.  Haha… pretty crazy.  And I’ve given up every Sunday since I started this journey.  It can be a lot of fun, depends on the show you have in the background.  The one thing I miss is video game binges.  Those aren’t really a good idea when you have to do sales…

On the flip side, I’ve been enjoying doing ppc at a high spend again.  There’s something nice about having a large ppc account.  I guess… I just like spending money.  Which is probably true.  But I like optimizing spending money.  The best campaigns I’ve run were political in nature since the coffers have to be empty when the election is over.  It’s already 5:30pm this Saturday.  I spent all Friday and most of this morning coding.  Which is good. I’m happy with what I was able to accomplish and get done.  I did get an EZ pass and some mailing things.  I mail a lot of things once a month.  It’s sort of fun…. but not standing in line.

I now get to drive all over… much like tutoring except now it’s marketing clients.  When I think about it… this is exactly like tutoring.  Overall, I’m content with the progress I’ve made so far in sales and in the agency.  It’s still relatively new and there are a lot of things to work out.  Every single day is a work day.  I can’t even imagine taking an off day right now… since the work would just stack up of the next day.

On the flip side… I don’t have to spend as much time on the software development side.  It’s Runrex only… pretty much.  I enjoy that.  There’s nothing holding me back from getting clients or learning skills I want to learn.  I finished a Drupal course.  It took 12 hours straight.  I had fun.  With the right snacks and television show in the background it’s fine.