How to Save Time by Applying AdWords Audience Lists at the Campaign Level. 25 Tips


How to Save Time by Applying AdWords Audience Lists at the Campaign Level. 25 Tips    

The option to add audience lists at the campaign level is a godsend. Not only does it free up more time, it also makes it easy to keep track of performance while offering higher quality data that goes a long way in informing future decisions. Below are 25 illuminating tips on how you can apply audience lists at the campaign level to further save on resources

Study your audience reports

Audience reports avail foundational pillars on which to found your list. As such, deeply study them so that you can develop a streamlined list that will not only save time, but also boost performance when applied.

Continually refine your lists

List refinement is a never ending job – keep at it and implement appropriate alterations for all new insights you pick up from your audience reports.

Dedicate daily time

It is impossible to enjoy the fruits of PPC without dedicating daily time to your AdWords account. If your schedule is tight, at least log into your account once every two days.

Consider all audience insights

From demographics and age, to location and devices used, cherish all audience details to develop spectacular lists. Do not belittle or underestimate any information.

Follow all the given policies

As always, follow all related policies to be on the safe side with Google.

Uphold best use practices

Additionally, adhere to all best use practices. It will not matter how polished an audience list you have if Google decides to suspend or quarantine your account.

Keep in mind list limitations

For Google display networks, the list should at least have 100 visitors in the last 30 days; for search, it must have 1000 visitors. Keep such stipulations in mind as you generate your list.

Tag the website

Without tagging your website, guests satisfying the set requirements will not be added into the list. Therefore, confirm that your tag is installed and working properly.

Leverage rules to create highly customized lists

Use rules to create perfectly customized lists that reflect the goals of your business. This way, you will not only create streamlined lists, but also ensure top functionality.

Set list duration to maximum

Depending on your enterprise, choose the maximum relevant membership duration to save more time regarding tinkering your lists. The upper membership duration limit is 540 days.

How to apply list campaign at the campaign level

List creation is the hard part, implementing it at the campaign level is fairly easy. Log into your AdWords account and navigate to audiences then targeting. On the resulting page, you will see the add list to campaign option.

Add list via copy and paste

The easier, less time consuming method to add a list is to copy and paste it in the space provided after navigating to add list at campaign level as directed above.

Campaign types supported

Not all campaigns types are supported. Google only allows implementation of audience lists at campaign level for [search network only – all features ads] and [search network only – Dynamic Search ads]

You can only apply lists at one level

To apply a list to ad groups, you will have to forego audience list implementation at the campaign level. Therefore, you can only apply lists either the campaign level, or the ad group level.

Use audience lists for both targeting and bidding

Apply lists at the campaign level to stream line and automate both targeting and bidding. However, for bidding, it is imperative that you first develop a strategy or utilize Google’s smart bidding.

Use Google suggested audiences

For inspiration regarding the people to target with your list, consult ‘suggested audiences’ courtesy of Google to ease up the process.

Review the performance of your audience lists

Keep close tabs with how your lists are performing to ascertain functionality and promptly address any inefficient aspects.

Only apply lists after collecting solid data

Especially so for new sites, only craft lists after obtaining sound data regarding your visitors. This way, you will not be forced to alter list rules frequently which is time consuming.

Refine your funnel

To achieve a higher ROI on all expended efforts, refine your conversion funnels to ensure minimal traffic leaks and maximum conversions.

Use customer match

Customer match integrates seamlessly with remarketing lists thereby proving a surefire way of connecting with individuals already familiar with your brand. Therefore, leverage it to achieve all-round success.

Make use of third party resources

If you find quality third party services regarding campaign management that are applicable to your situation, take advantage of them to further save time provided you first conduct a cost-benefit assessment.

Hire a professional

If you have deep pockets, hire a professional to save time that you can employ more profitably in other ventures.

Do not share your AdWords account

To avoid instances where others with account access make unwarranted changes to campaign specifics, limit account access to only a few qualified persons.

Solve problems as they arise

In case of any malfunction, try to solve it immediately. This way, the chances of one problem causing a myriad of difficulties will reduce significantly.

Consult Google’s support forums

If you run into any problems, consult the various problem specific forums supported by Google. They have any and all information you might need to make your list implementation endeavor a success.

Applying audience lists at the campaign level is the easy part. The hard part is generating an outstanding list that will not adversely affect individual Ad group performance. As such, more attention should be directed towards list formulation.