Scary Movies are the Perfect Startup Background


Most times when I’m crunching and being productive at home.. I have a really lame scary movie in the background.  They don’t make horror movies like they used to.  Most horror movies now are sort of like vlogs where spooky things happen.  I’m not impressed.  But they do make excellent background.  I’ve never been a fan of studying at Starbucks or other coffee stores.  I love Starbucks and local coffee vendors… but I would never study there.  To loud and honestly I’m doubtful that any studying goes on.  Only the appearance of studying.

My study environment at home is ideal.  I have candy… lots of it… and energy drinks.  A place to take a cat nap… and then wake up to do more work.  I have a stand.  Although I would probably want a bigger screen.  That’s the only bad part about working at home.  I don’t have a monitor like I have at work.  I was going to buy an iMac… but that seemed wasteful.  My macbook has the same hardware that an iMac would have… at least the model I would buy.  And the screen is okay sized.  At least it isn’t 13.3 inches…

One of the best parts about work at home is the scary movies.  No one can judge you on your movie taste.  My girlfriend thinks I have really bad taste in movies.  What she doesn’t get is… I understand the movie is bad… but I enjoy the movie because it is bad.  The worst the acting the more I enjoy the movie because it’s… I’m not sure what it is actually.

Work at home days are the best.  You save so much time.  And I’m more productive and in a better mood.  Is it really 4pm?  Crazy.  I don’t really remember what happened between 8pm and now.  I remember being extremely productive between 3am last night until 8pm.  I didn’t sleep very much.  Just an hour or so.  I had some proposals I had to work on and get out.  The budgeting part takes a while.  Honestly, much longer than it should be.

Oh I remember.  A friend called and we chatted for a while.  That was fun.  Although I stayed in Friday night… it wasn’t actually uber productive.  Okay please Saturday be productive….