Search Engine Marketing Manager in Houston Texas


Online portfolio available

I have over 3 years experience website building, website managing, and online marketing, including SEO, PPC, and SEM. Furthermore, I am a self-starter who is detailed oriented, tech savvy, analytical, and digitally creative.

SEO Expert

My white hat (safe strategies) SEO experience includes keyword research, SEO strategies, local SEO, SEO audits, link building, and SEO reporting. I also have graphic design and online display advertising experience.

My combination of education, work, freelance, and entrepreneurial experience makes me indispensable in the pursuit of online success.

I am proficient or familiar with a vast array of program, concepts and technologies, including:

Joomla CMS
Wordpress CMS
Email Marketing
SEO (on-page) (off-page)
Social Media
Google Analytics
Google Adwords Certified
MS Office

I specialize in:

PPC (Google Adwords & MS Adcenter)
Reputation Repair
Link Building
Social Networking
Google Local/Places Optimization

I have experience in Search Engine marketing my technical knowledge also guarantees a high level of quality compared to other sources. Let me take you bit deeper to SEO. There are two types of major SEO activities on page optimization and off page optimization.

On page optimization activities include:

Structure of website
Content Optimization
Footer links optimization
URL Optimization
Keywords analysis
Meta tags setting etc. . .

Off page optimization activities include:

Blog commenting
Blog submission
Article submission
Directory submission
Social bookmarking
Forum posting
Press release
Profile link creation


Building Web Apps: Responsive frameworks (Twitter Bootstrap|Zurb Foundation). Single Page Applications (SPA), Replicated marketing systems with user customization and billing, Static Site Generation (Jekyll|Nanoc), PHP/MySQL (LEMP|LAMP), Laravel 4/5, HTML5, CSS3, PCI, Payment Gateways, e-commerce and SSL. Rapidly accelerating JavaScript and Ruby skillset.

WordPress / Octopress: Custom templates, plugins and integration with open-source frameworks, e-commerce and membership solutions.

High Scalability: Breaking the 1 second to load benchmark using CDNs, virtual version caching, GZip, optimization, concatenation and minification.

Internet Marketing: SEO, Affiliate, Adwords, Adsense, Analytics and Web Master Tools expertise increases monetization, profit and user experience.

Web Development and Programming

Over 10 years hand coding PHP, MySQL, HTML, and CSS. Competent in JavaScript
LEMP, LAMP, with a focus on Laravel 4/5 for SaSS web apps.
Full knowledge of WC3 standards for authoring validated code
Skilled in session management, cookies, frames, forms and debugging

Web Design

Over 10 years Photoshop/Image Ready, Flash and Illustrator design experience
Expert at making Web pages load faster with image optimization and slices
Able to bridge the gap between design and coding departments
Re/designed over 50 Websites

Internet Marketing, Direct Response Marketing

Proven profit making campaigns with Google Adwords, Yahoo! and Microsoft
Ebay, Amazon Seller, Ads, Associates and API setup and integration
PPC, CPM, Adsense, banners, direct mail and email marketing channels
Keyword research, market analysis, niche discovery and intelligence
Google Analytics custom report creation for conversion performance
Tapping every last drop of ROI and profit from revenue sources
SEO for natural search ranking and user experience
Facebook, Twitter social media App building and integration