Search Marketing Proposal for Company

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Search Marketing Proposal for Company

Presented by:

Guttulus LLC

Campaign Goals:

  1. Reach a wider audience
  2. Increase total reach
  3. Increase visibility on search engines
  4. Increase ROI
  5. Increase conversions
  6. Create optimized landing pages
  7. Decrease waste

Paid Search Marketing Strategy:

  1. Increase traffic volume through campaigns on Google, Bing, Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram
  2. Decrease cost by reallocating budget to best performing campaigns
  3. Expand keyword list
  4. Create extensive long tail keywords
  5. Expand content network campaigns
  6. Daily bid management
  7. Daily keyword analysis
  8. Improve click through rate
  9. Improve keyword quality
  10. Create consistency between campaigns and landing pages
  11. Increase retargeting and remarking efforts

Organic Search Marketing Strategy:

  1. Identify important keywords
  2. Create unique titles, descriptions and meta tags
  3. Create compelling copy
  4. Fix existing barriers to indexing
  5. Submit and edit site map to Google and Bing
  6. Expand on-page search engine optimization
  7. Expand link building strategies
  8. Increase PR

Our Tactics

Paid Search Marketing Research:

  1. Optimize keyword lists
  2. Optimize keyword bids
  3. Reduce cost per acquisition
  4. Optimize content network advertising
  5. Reallocate budget to be best performing campaigns
  6. Create landing pages and A/B test
  7. Code landing pages to be SEO friendly
  8. Increase Google campaigns
  9. Create a strong keyword portfolio
  10. Expand keyword portfolio
  11. Target based on location
  12. Target based on demographics
  13. Target based on platform
  14. Create new text ads
  15. Increase relevancy, click-through rate, and conversions
  16. Increase quality score
  17. Expand onto different platforms.

Organic Search Marketing Research

  1. Daily keyword research
  2. Optimize high opportunity pages
  3. Create compelling content
  4. Optimize keywords, meta descriptions, meta keywords, titles, and H1s
  5. Create and submit universal site map
  6. Create robots.txt
  7. Provide best practice reports outlining indexing problems, technical issues, and best practices
  8. Have our senior graphic designer go over the website for UI and UX problems

Our Promise

Testing, Forever Testing

  1. Daily bid management
  2. Daily budget optimization
  3. Dedicated to getting the highest ROI
  4. Content networking
  5. Create high value content
  6. Engage in ongoing testing and optimization
  7. Test new ad types
  8. Test new ad copies
  9. Non-stop A/B landing page testing
  10. Create custom and unique keyword portfolios just for you
  11. Monthly reports on KPIs

What Makes Us Better

  1. We integrate success competitor campaign
  2. We create campaigns competitors can’t copy
  3. We use multivariate landing page optimization
  4. We create compelling image ads
  5. We create compelling ad copy
  6. We create compelling content
  7. We expand your reach on new platforms
  8. We like you and your business
  9. We have a high customer retention rate – 90%