Selling YouTube to Clients Template?

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Selling YouTube to Clients Template?

Target Market:

YouTube Stats

Guttulus’s target should be younger adults involved in [Insert] who do not have [Insert]. YouTube is perfect for this audience. In addition, there is a strong [Insert] presence on YouTube not available in traditional cable networks.

YouTube Stats 2

Engagement levels are much higher on YouTube than most other social media. This results in sharing and secondary interactions. In the United States, [Insert] are the leading cause of [Insert] for individuals between the ages of [Insert] and [Insert].


The point of any marketing is conversions. YouTube recently created a new Card system to increase conversion rates. There are five types:

Merchandise card

Fundraising card
Video or playlist card
Associated website card

Fan Funding card

We will use the associated website card to help generate traffic on [Insert]. We can also use the video or playlist cards to receive free views.

In addition when you advertise you can include several Call to Action buttons. How to include CTAs?

  • Direct Host-Mentions. Talk directly to the camera to get your audience to listen and act.
  • Annotations. Annotations – clickable text overlaid on your video – are one of the most versatile ways to engage with your viewers.
  • In-video graphics. Eye-catching graphics can encourage subscribing, commenting or sharing. Use the spotlight annotation to make these graphics clickable once the video is published.
  • End-cards. Create an end-card that directs viewers to act. Create a template that builds consistency into the end of your videos.
  • Video Descriptions. Put in-depth descriptions about your videos (and links to your site and social media) here.

The Cards and Call to Action buttons will increase traffic on the website and increase conversions. Phone numbers can be added as call to actions too.   We will track YouTube with its own number.


YouTube cost is affordable at this moment. A targeted video campaign in [Insert] is 7-10 cents a click. This cost decreases as the campaign continues. The reason cost is so low is because of volume of videos being produced every year as well as lack of competition.

Keywords on YouTube search are much cheaper to dominate than keywords on Google search. [Add Research}

You are only charged when a video is actually viewed. You get to keep the view. YouTube TrueView will tell you who is watching and where they are coming from. It also tells you how long they are watching your video for. This provides critical information on what viewers are interested in.


YouTube itself is responsible for 17% of all North American web traffic. Currently there is little competition. This is especially true for the [Insert] and [Insert] in [Insert]. The common concern with YouTube advertising is that an [Insert] will search immediately after the [Insert].

[Insert Data about the Field]

are perfect for YouTube advertising since victims look for [Insert] after they realize how expensive their [Insert] are. Many [Insert] will turn to video to learn about their [Insert] and how to pay their [Insert]. We can advertise to them as they watch these videos.


In short, YouTube advertising for [Insert] is an interesting marketing opportunity. It’s better to be the first one doing something new before it becomes popular; the Cost per Acquisition is lowest during this period.