How SEM Helps SEO? 25 Facts


How SEM Helps SEO? 25 Facts  

Most novices in e-commerce think that the key to boosting customer traffic to a site is to use SEO. SEM entails placing advertisements on top of the search results. SEM is more accountable than SEO since it contains a lot of data. For instance, Google offers users of its SEM service detailed instructions and tools for analyzing data.

1.  SEM analytical tools by search engines offer you a list of keyword suggestions that people searching for information on the web are likely to use.

2.  SEM analytical tools come with negative keyword tools, which help you filter out unwanted visitors to your site. Thus, it reduces the chances of your site suffering low SEO ranking by search engines because of high bounce rates.

3.  SEM helps with your geo-targeting strategy, which is a great way to boost your SEO ranking for the people to whom your site matters.

4.  A SEM landing page is a great way to boost your site’s SEO ranking. With a minimal bounce rate, a search engine like Google will begin to rank your site high as the traffic grows.

5.  SEM helps you to improve on-site relevancy. It uses various parameters to determine how relevant your site is to visitors. If you get it right, Google will also rank your site better in organic search results.

6.  SEM encourages you to improve your sites mobile friendliness as you try to enhance your ROI. Sites optimized for mobile friendliness are now ranked organically better by Google. Thus, your SEO strategy will get a boost.

7.  With a SEM strategy, you have to optimize your ads for voice search. Since more people now use voice search, there is a good chance that your site will rank high when they use a search engine.

8.  Most people, who spend time on their phones, spend more than half of that time in applications. A SEM strategy allows your site to be seen in applications. The result is that it leads to more traffic to your site, which search engines notice and use to rank your site high organically.

9.  SEO algorithm changes quite often. As a result, you should focus more on SEM to get a good ranking for your site. You could spend months improving the SEO, only for a site like Google to overhaul its algorithm.

10.  Quantifying lead generation based purely on SEO is quite difficult. However, if you use a SEM strategy, you can quantify how much of your time and money bore fruit. The result is that you can quantify which areas to rely on for traffic.

11.  When you use a SEM strategy to boost visibility, coming second is not all that bad. It is quite different from SEO. In SEO, if you do not appear on the first page, your entire effort could be of little significance.

12.  SEM and SEO are both used for generating leads. However, relying on SEO alone could mean you have to wait months before your site ever becomes visible. If you rely on SEM, you could see the fruits of your effort quite fast.

13.  One reason you should use SEM is that it increase trust in your site. Studies have shown that customers will most likely click on a link if it appears in both paid ads section and organic results.

14.  You can get information on how offsite indicators influence you ranking. Most search engines now offer SEM tools to analyze this.

15.  There are millions of businesses offering your exact product or service. All of the small businesses implement some SEO strategy; however, only 20% of them have a SEM strategy. You will get the edge with SEM.

16.  Only 12% of startups utilize SEM. With such a high failure rate among startups, it would appear that using SEM could help boost your site visibility, thus preventing failure.

17.  Less than half of companies that use SEO can measure their ROI effectively. With SEM, which also includes SEO, you are able to quantify their viability of an investment.

18.  With the launch of algorithms such as Panda, it has become quite hard to trick users of sites with spam links. Thus, SEM ensures that you will get exclusive access to the customers most desire.

19.  In organic search results, geo-targeting does not always work. However, SEM ensures that you can exclude people from all other places you do not want using negative keywords.

20.  When they are used together, you are able to see how good your website is. You are able to see if the onsite SEO measures have reduced bounce rate.

21.  SEM is a fast way to rebuild your site’s traffic after a disastrous SEO strategy.

22.  SEM allows you to know which keywords will work best for your SEO campaign. It is because you can actively test the keywords you implement in the SEO strategy.

23.  SEM allows you to promote the fresh content you create in an SEO strategy. If your content stays too long without getting clicks, a search engine could think it is of low value.

24.  At times, some keywords are of too low value to rank high organically. You can still utilize them to garner traffic with SEM.

25.  SEM allows you to grow brand awareness. People are more likely to click on your brand in future searches if they see it often in the paid ads section.