SEO Cover Letter Template in Houston Texas


I have served the SEO needs for clients nationwide for the past 17 years. I have resolved website problems most business owners were not aware existed and achieved results they did not expect to see, as my current references will attest. They range from poor and ineffective SEO to programming and usability bottlenecks, massive amounts of inbound link spam, images so large they prevent the site from loading quickly, CSS and JavaScript files loading in the wrong order (per Google), etc. The one thing most business owners are aware of is that website traffic declined and conversions plummeted, which affected revenues.

I am a diehard Google guru and follow current and best practices. I excel in sorting out problems on larger than average websites (thousands of pages are my specialty, but I also work on small(er) sites). I focus on performance and usability, such as speed, functionality, design, and how visitors interact with navigation, buttons, forms, etc. If you have been disappointed time and again by SEO individuals (or companies) who failed to live up to your expectations, I look forward to hearing from you.

I have experience with nearly every CMS, platform and programming code and also am a WordPress expert. I possess a stronger than average technical background, promptly respond to communications, will serve you and your company with honesty and integrity, and guarantee that I am more skilled than the average person in my profession. I use strategies that work, do not outsource, and am a good manager.

There is no way around it. If you want results, the following is a short list of things of things to consider:

– the site should load quickly (in less than 2 seconds) on mobile or desktop;
– images should be compressed for faster loading;
– meta (page) titles and meta descriptions (snippets) must be well written;
– narrative content should be informative and address the topic of a page;
– keywords should not be over-used;
– the site should fit the screen size of the visitor’s device;
– call-to-action buttons should be placed and sized to be noticed and urge visitors to click through to give you their business;
– text should not be too small to read on mobile devices or too pale on any device;
– content should not be masked by elements that pop up or move;
– a full-text search should be front and center and not perceived as unnecessary;
– there should be no flash (per Google) and no interstitials (moving advertisements);
– when serving multiple locations, content should be unique for every location;
– parameter URLs should be properly managed;
– search engines should not be restricted from reaching JavaScript and CSS;
– inbound link spam should be properly managed;
– redirects should be correctly written (and used properly);
– and more.

If your site never achieved #1 rankings in Google search results, it likely was managed by a student or intern with little or no experience in SEO, an SEO company that outsources and didn’t tell you they do, or a programmer/developer to also manage SEO (you can count on three fingers, possibly two, the number of programmers/developers in the U.S. who are well versed in SEO). Most websites I review offer a poor user experience on the front end seen by visitors, old-school practices on the back end, where programming code is entered, and questionable SEO. This affects how long, and whether, visitors stay on your site and complete conversions, and whether search users find it at all. Until problems at their root are identified and resolved, you will not see #1 rankings.