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Does your business need a new website design or refresh? Are you looking to generate more clients through the internet? Call me. I specialize in website design, search engine optimization, Pay Per Click management and content marketing. I have over 12 years of digital marketing experience and have been able to help over 50 business grow there company to unforeseeable margins via the internet.

Most importantly:
-I deliver on time
-I provide affordable rates.
-I do not lock clients into lengthy marketing contracts. (Month to month agreements only.)
-Yes you will see results if you do this the correct way
– SEO Does NOT work for every business, neither does social media or pay per click. Every business depending on your client demographics and infrastructure should use these tactics as a tool to help leverage their business. However not every tool is right for every job. ( remember that) Call me today to discuss a digital strategy that will benefit your business.

Through proven search engine optimization solutions, we help companies achieve a more competitive ranking to increase traffic. We offer global & local seo services, mobile phone map listings, keyword research, press releases, graphics, video, website development, mobile web design & mobile redesign. Is your website mobile friendly? Take the Google test.

{Most|The majority of|Many|Nearly all|Almost all|A good number of|A large number of|The vast majority of} {businesses are|companies are} {out of business|bankrupt|belly up} within {5 years|five years} of {launching|starting} {mainly because|due to the fact} they fail to make {good|decent|effective|smart|sensible} {decisions|choices}. {Hiring|Selecting|Choosing} {the wrong|a bad} SEO {is one of the|is among the} {bad|poor} {decisions|choices} {most|the majority of|a lot of} {local|localized} {busineses|companies} {still|continue to} make.

Could {a lack of|an absence of} {proper|correct|good} {SEO|Search engine optimization} cause a {business|company|small business|local business|local company} to {fail|fail terribly|crash|flop}? {Absolutely|Definitely|Certainly|Unquestionably|Without a doubt}.

{If you’ve been in business 10 years or more, you’ve watched the Yellow Pages fade into a worthless void.|You’ve watched the Yellow Pages fade into a worthless void if you’ve been inbusiness 10 years or more.}

{I remember|I recall} paying {several thousand dollars|thousands of dollars} {a month|per month|monthly} to the phone company {to have a|to keep a} display ad in their {phone book|phonebook|phone directory|yellow pages|telephone book}, but business today {will not|won’t|are not going to|wouldn’t} pay {a fraction of|a small fraction of} that {per month|monthly|each month} {for top|to get the best|for top level|for the top} positions {on Google|on the search engines|on the web|on the net|on-line} and {wonder|want to know|are probably wondering} why they {fail|fail terribly|don’t succeed|flop|flounder}.

I’ve produced {millions and millions|untold millions|enourmous amounts} in sales for local and national businesses {over the last|throughout the last|over the past|within the last} {15 years|Fifteen years} with SEO and {digital marketing|internet marketing|online marketing} and I {can easily|can certainly} prove it.

I can {show you|provide you with|present to you} {current|existing|present-day} rankings {and give you|and provide you with|and provide} {references|recommendations|individual references|testimonials} {of people who|of people that} have generated {into the|in to the} millions {each year|annually}, {for years|for many years|for several years} on end from my services.