How to SEO your video on YouTube


How to SEO your video on YouTub

Overview of video SEO

Optimization for search engines is the key to ranking and this is true for both content and video. Structuring select media to rank is a process that demands the inclusion of specific strategies that influence how users engage. With YouTube videos, the idea is to target a setting where users get to create an engagement which will then boost the rankings automatically. With videos, performing SEO requires a creative line of operation that will create a perfect balance between targeting the audience and being relevant to the searches that users perform.

Strategies for video SEO

Make Video description key

When performing SEO for your video, the description is key as it gives search engines the content to rank your video. As with the SERP on Google, YouTube is also characterized as having its own results page whose ranking is based on video descriptions provided. A creative metadata of your video will drive the target audience towards your video and thus compel YouTube to rank it higher.

Optimize video keywords

Optimizing the keywords for your videos is crucial as it aids search engines map your video among the searches that users perform. Placing the main keyword and secondary keywords in place will ensure that search engines are able to direct targeted traffic to your video. The keywords for the video are also responsible for impacting the search volume and determining the content that will be visible to users who search YouTube.

Utilize External Signals

YouTube ranks videos depending on the engagement it creates and the number of external interactions it gets. Embeds, links and shares are external pointers that users are finding the video useful and worth viewing. Using backlinks to the video and performing enhanced social shares is a perfect strategy that can ensure the growth of external links which will translate to your video ranking high on the results page.

Utilize Tags

Tags are unique and effective SEO tools for YouTube videos. Tags are responsible for establishing relevance and categorizing the content of your videos accordingly. There are 3 types of tags that can be used with the first being the Generic Tag which gives a basic overview of your video. The second orientation of the tags is referred to as a Specific Tag and this should basically get its attributes from the core of the video where it will refer to the details of what the video is tuned to achieve. The third type is the Compound Tag which is usually a combination of words that best communicate your video and give a vivid image of what users can expect.

Provide Subscription and linkage options

The proactive way to SEO your video is to provide subscription and linking options in the video and in its description. When people like, link and subscribe to your video, YouTube is able to translate the same as a favorable user experience which is what the videos are designed to create. Encouraging users to share after viewing your video is another way of mapping your video higher in the rankings as it gives a signal to the YouTube ranking algorithm that users find your video helpful and worth being referred to fellow users.

Video SEO bottom line

Utilizing these SEO strategies for your YouTube video optimization needs will ultimately give you the upper hand in the rankings which will translate to increased viewership and traffic to your channel. They are the perfect tools that will handle your video marketing strategy and ensure you accurately impact the target audience.