5 Tips Every Host Should Know.

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To reach a broader market, and get to know more people, businesses host events, where interested parties can visit and learn more. Hosting an event is more than organizing a friendly reception. It requires more effort and attention to detail, given that the expected guests are strangers. To create an excellent first impression, here are some of the tips you should consider.

1. Know Your Objective

Every event you organize as a business should have an objective. A clear purpose will help you narrow down on your planning and also save you money. Ask yourself if you are trying to create awareness, inform the community, involve the community, lure in more customers, or get more members. In case an organization would like to establish a hospital within a community, it is better to host a fun-filled event where the organizers can interact with the community.
On the other hand, an organization hoping to bring in more partners may host a brief coffee and cake meeting where interested parties can listen to presentations and ask questions freely. Once you know your objective, it is easier to determine if the event will be held indoors, or outdoors if the invitations should be limited to specific people, the type of meals to be served, printing of brochures and photography required.
To have better memories, and pictures to share on your website, invite BitGale to your event today, whether public or private. Quality photographs and videos will help you thank your guests for their support, and gain trust from individuals that may recognize your guests.

2. Scheduling the Event

Scheduling is the setting out of a suitable period to host your event. Consider times when your target guests are free, such as weekends and evenings. Ensure that the weather is also favorable. Most people will feel free to attend events when it is warm and sunny, as opposed to rainy and snowy days.
Carry out enough research to ensure that more critical events are not happening on the same day. Prior engagements such as school meetings and medical checkups could prevent attendance. If it is possible, confirm your proposed dates with guests to ensure that you make the most out of your events.

3. Market your Event

Whether big or small, all events require marketing. There are several ways to market your event, depending on your target audience. Large organizations can go for television and radio advertisements, while smaller groups can focus on print media.

If your event is limited to the local community, print flyers and leaflets that you can paste on walls, notice boards and hand over to people on the streets and in the mall. You should also publish the event in favorite newsletters and magazines.

Lastly, take advantage of social media and website marketing. Share the event on your website, and give constant reminders on your Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube handles if any. You can also ask friends to circulate messages among themselves to bring in larger crowds.

Announce ticket and product sales early to give your guests enough time to prepare for the event. Advertise the items that may be on sale during the event, including discounts to help your guests plan early.

4. Ask for Catering

Depending on how significant the event is, book catering services early enough. Ensure that all the beverages, snacks and meals to be served arrive on time, and are fresh. Try and create a simple, yet varied assortment of snacks for the guests to accommodate everyone and make them feel at home. Organize a serving strategy with your caterers to prevent chaos and confusion during the event.

5. What to Do During the Event

As a host, always be early for your events. Welcome your guests and engage them in conversations. Try to speak to several groups at once, and be kind. The goal is to give a good impression. Compliments will go a long way in improving your businesses’ image.

If possible, ask your guests to try samples of your product, give discounts and gift hampers to keep everyone in good spirits. Introduce yourself to everyone to provide them with a personalized experience and offer business cards and information with regards to your business.

Remember to dress for the event. If you are hosting a formal event, be formal. However, if you are planning to have a day out in the field, tracksuits and good sports shoes would be preferable. Above all, ensure that your health is in check and avoid foods that may bring complications.


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