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News Papers are one of the oldest forms of media that exist. While more people have shifted their focus to establishing a strong online presence, newspapers still have a considerable market hence proving to be a great platform to use to get word about your product out to the world.

With newspapers ads, you have to be smart. It is because, in as much as you will be getting exposure, your leads will be much lower. As such, you have to be very cautious to ensure that your ad yields higher conversion rates. Here are some tips by Bitgale on how to use newspaper advertising efficiently.

Beware of your target audience

Newspapers are still on demand, but certain types of people may not be huge fans of the same. If the group you are trying to reach is not into reading newspapers, then it would be unwise for you to invest in newspaper advertisements. Therefore, the first thing you should do is to figure out whether newspaper advertising is a suitable means to reach out to your target audience or not. If it is not, consider another form of advertising.

Be wise with your newspaper of choice

There are regional newspapers and national newspapers. Advertising in a national newspaper ensures that you reach out to a broader audience. But it, also, means you will have to pay more for the advertising. The regional newspapers are a much cheaper newspaper advertising option. While the audience you will be reaching out will be slightly small, they provide an excellent avenue for focused advertising. Focused advertising can yield great fruits for a business if your business is localized.

Consider the section where your ad will be placed

There are sections of the newspapers where readers are less likely to pay close attention. If your ad is placed on such a part, the chances are that fewer of the newspaper readers will come across it and may never know of your product at all. It is essential to talk to the newspaper company on the options you have and ensure that you get the best placement possible.
The shape and space of your ad matter. Interior ads that only cover a small section of the page are less likely to be seen than those that are placed on the outside sheet and cover more space. Basically, the better the positioning of your newspaper ad the better the response rate you will get.

Your competitors are advertising too

While going about your newspaper advertising, you ought to, also, take into account the fact that your competitors to are spending time and money in advertising. It means that you will be competing for the attention of the reader. If your ad campaign is not proper, it will end up yielding minimal results than what you expected.

Your ad should be clean

A busy advertisement tends to keep the person reading more involved and hence chances of them responding become slim. As such, when crafting your newspaper ad, endeavor to keep it simple, short and straight to the point.

Basic pointers to help you write an effective newspaper ad

The first thing that should catch one’s attention in an ad is the headline. It should be eye-catching but straightforward and short.
Your ad text should be just enough to support your message without taking too much time and energy from the reader. You can use long texts when advertising a business or a technical product. But for effectiveness, it is advisable to keep your text short to leave enough room for some graphic content. Pictures tend to draw more attention as compared to plain text. Combining text and imagery is more efficient.
Your ad body should include the reasons why your potential customers should choose your product over any other similar product in the market. Highlight the key texts and use bullet lists to make your case. Be keen not to use comparative phrases to your competitors unless what you are offering has apparent advantages that your competitors’ products don’t.
Be sure to conclude your ad with a means by which the reader can access you and your product. Include your telephone number, physical address, your website and any other information that will make it easier for the readers to contact and order your goods or services.

The power of generous offers

While you are trying to get, more people to buy your product, purpose offering bonuses and special prices to your clients. Be generous with your offers. If the proposal is just a little off the regular price or not considerably far from the price your competitors, this will never work. Place an offer that will lure more customers to get your product.
With newspaper ads, you should run the same design and format of the advertisement repeatedly unlike when advertising on online platforms. It will help you build your company identity and help create more awareness. However, it is advisable to do minor upgrades to the design to make the ad more appealing and to command more attention.