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Social media has grown from a simple avenue for people to connect and engage too much more. Businesses now are relying on social media to reach out to potential clients. They have figured that social media has a positive effect on the performance and success of the business. It is, also, quite a cost-effective method of advertising that yields reliable results. Bitgale gives a highlight of what social media advertising is and how one should go about it.

What is Social Media Advertising?

Social media advertising is the planning and the execution of advertising campaigns through the various social media channels. Marketing is all about reaching out to the masses and given that millions of people are always glued to social media at any given moment, advertising on social media proves to be the easiest and the least expensive method to gain exposure and spread the good news about your product.

The best platforms to invest in

There are many social media platforms in the market today. However, there are those giants that have stood out from the rest and are leading the ranks. These are the ones that guarantee a better return on investment. The leading social media networks that you should consider when looking to invest are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat.

Advertising on Facebook

Facebooks is the mother of all social media advertising. The platform enjoys over 2 billion users every month providing an opportunity for advertisers to reach billions of people. A standard model used on Facebook is one that involved running an ad into a landing page with a high conversion rate that offers a bundle product or a free lead magnet. Some of the ordinary lead magnets include Whitepapers, EBooks, product coupons, limited-time offers, giveaways and free shipping.
To be effective with Facebook ads, do not run similar ads for all your audiences. Your ads should be unique and tailored to a specific audience. Use your ads to build awareness on your brand. Your ad should teach people about your product. Use retargeting ads to prompt users who have signaled interest in your product but have been hesitant. Also, always be testing to avoid ad fatigue. Do not forget to use emojis your ads. The use of emojis is the thing now and can yield you massive results.

Advertising on Instagram

While Facebooks is undisputedly the ruler of the social media empire, Instagram has proven to, also, be a force in the field. It has over half a billion users every month and commands a very high engagement rate as compared all the other social media platforms. Instagram is all about video and image content hence if you can produce an appealing visual content, you will perform better on this platform.
With Instagram, focus on custom audiences. You can create your audience through an email list, follower list, pixel tracking or any other method. Also, try to put some focus on lookalike audiences. For your content, ensure it is irresistible by using images and videos of real people. If not, your content should be relatable and relevant. Pay attention to hashtags as they are a great way to connect audience.

Advertising on Twitter

Twitter isn’t exactly like Facebook or Instagram. It is a great platform to make announcements, comment, interact with people on various hashtags and connect with both mainstream and niche influencers. While it comes in at the third position on the list of most effective social media networks, it is a great platform to get your brand recognized globally.
When it comes to twitter your twitter post, always look to use relevant and compelling images that draw attention, fits your brand and gives the viewers the context. Also, prioritize brevity since that is what twitter is all about.

Advertising on Pinterest

Pinterest is visual, just like Instagram, but it is unique such that it is mainly targeted toward women. 81% of Pinterest users are women. With over 150 million users every month, this platform proves to be quite a strong one for e-commerce sales given that it offers a high engagement and the users are there to find creative products to purchase individually.
In Pinterest, your posts have to be creative. Put more focus on what is trending, be detailed, engage with your followers and be intentional about the linking to your pins.

Advertising on LinkedIn

LinkedIn revolved around B2B market and had an estimated 227 million monthly users. The main types of ads that run on this platform are text ads, sponsored InMail and sponsored content. You should track your performance and scrap ads that have lower performance, user short and pithy ad copies and focus on professional challenges and problems. LinkedIn is more of an expert platform so you should know the audience.

Advertising on Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the newest platforms but has proven to be quite a force too. The best advertising options on Snapchat include snap ads, sponsored lenses, Snapchat discovers and the sponsored local Geo-filters. You can get a lot of views for your ad at a very low cost.