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Television advertisements are popular with audiences and carry both an audio and visual appeal. However, television commercials are more expensive, than internet marketing and smaller businesses, have to work on their budgets before choosing this option.
It is important to remember that we no longer have a handful of television stations, and more viewers are tuning in for TV shows. Every business, big or small, has an array of channels to choose from before advertising on TV. Here are some of the points you should know about advertising on TV.

What are the Advantages of Advertising on Television?

1. Reaching a Large Audience
Television advertisements can reach a broad audience within a short period. As the viewers tune in for their favorite shows, ads will be aired for few minutes during commercial breaks. The audience is not only vast but also varied, since different groups of people may be interested in specific shows. To appeal to the audience, choose an affordable package from BitGale today, and have a high-quality advertisement customized for your business.

2. More Attention
Television advertisements rely on the attention from the viewers. More notice is given during their favorite shows, and therefore, there exists a higher chance of purchasing your product. Since the ads are not focused on one program, more attentive viewers will be reached at various hours.

3. Target Audience
The availability of more channels gives businesses an opportunity to target a specific audience, based on the content aired on the channel. For example, more sports adverts are seen on Super Sport because the targeted audience is composed of sports enthusiasts. Advertisers can also choose to air their ads during specific programs, and narrow down their geographical scope through zip codes, to target local consumers.

4. Multi-Sensory Appeal
Television ads are appealing because viewers can see and hear about the product. Businesses can choose the best images to appeal to their audiences, and even rely on cartoons in some ads. The scope of creativity is unlimited. The video quality and freedom of sounds to be placed in the adverts make them more appealing.
With BitGale, you are assured of appealing to your viewer’s senses through creating a high quality and captivating ad for viewers. With our affordable packages and a team of professionals, you will make returns when you invest in TV ads.

5. Dominance
A TV advertisement allows businesses to dominate the screen, and let viewers focus on the product at the time. It is better than internet marketing that shifts a consumer’s attention from one product to another. Once you pay for an ad, the screen is yours for the few minutes or seconds the ad will run.

6. Saving on the Cost-per-view
Television adverts will appeal to large masses of people, without the additional costs of cost per view. Every time your advertisement airs, it is not limited to a few people that may choose to watch it. Online ads may never get the attention they deserve, but business ads will get the attention of TV.

7. Focus on Timing and Seasons
Businesses can create advertisements that appeal to the season. For example, ski ads are famous during winter. You can create an ad that fits into different periods to attract more customers. If you run clothes store, you can focus on winter wear during winter, and summer wears during summer. You will be meeting your customers’ needs immediately when you focus on timing.

What are the Disadvantages of Advertising On Television?

1. Intrusive
Most viewers feel that television adverts are invasive, primarily because they appear in between their favorite programs. Some viewers will engage in other activities during commercial breaks, such as grabbing snacks or taking bathroom breaks. There are no assurances that the target audience is interested in your products. Also, technological advancements allow viewers to skip unwanted content and only store TV programs without commercials.

2. High Costs
Television ads are more expensive as compared to radio, newspaper and internet marketing. With ads going well over $200,000, it is not surprising that SMEs are left out of TV ads. Cheaper packages may entail extremely short advertisements that do not deliver the message.

3. Hard to Make Changes
Since the costs of TV ads is high, it is unlikely that you can keep making changes to your commercial every time you have promotions and offers. Print media and internet marketing, on the other hand, has an allowance for necessary changes to be made.


Television ads are appealing, and allow targeting of a specific audience. With proper research, you can quickly design an excellent ad, and grab a good spot on TV to run the ad. With the advantage of appealing to broader audiences and a multi-sensory ability, television advertising will lure in more customers.
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