Advertising On Radio

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The use of radio advertising is one of the older methods used for marketing. Despite the changing times with the massive dependency on the internet, radio adverts continue to play a significant role in informing the public. Companies, both big and small, looking for a method to reach large masses, should consider advertising on radio for the following reasons.


Radio advertising is relatively cheaper than television advertisements. You can create your advertisement to lower the costs even further or choose an affordable package to have the ad designed for you. The rates will vary per radio station, and also the package selected. Advertising during rush-hours is the most expensive, but also the most effective.

Radio Can Sell Everywhere

The presence of many radio channels with different frequencies means that the advertisements are not limited geographically. As long as a potential client is tuned in, they will hear about your business and product, and visit you for further information. Also, the advertisements are placed skillfully in between radio programs, which means that the listener cannot purposely ignore the ad.

You can Select On-Air Features

Apart from the usual radio advertisements, businesses can choose to sponsor specific programs such as the news and get recognized for it over the radio. As the listeners tune in to listen to relevant news updates, probably once every hour, they are bound to hear the name of your business/organization come up.

Radio provides an Online Market

Every radio station will have an online platform such as a Facebook or Twitter Account. You can strike a deal to have the radio channel advertise you on this platform through pictures and word posts. The most significant advantage of online platforms is that they allow sharing of advertisements, even to clients that may not be tuned in.
In addition to the radio station’s posts, you should also seize the opportunity to increase your media presence and associate yourself with the radio station. Luckily this is quickly done through mentions and using hashtags in all your posts.

You can Make Offers to The Public

Use the Radio presenters to lure in more clients through giving promotional offers and free goodies that the audience will win after undertaking a series of tasks. It could be a free voucher, tickets to a concert, incredible discounts, or hampers. Listeners will call in, send messages, or even download applications into their phones just to win the award. As more and more people fight for the prize, they will be informed about the advantages of using your products.

Radio Focuses On Frequency

You may have two to three times of recognition in a newspaper or on television, but with radio, you can have your business mentioned more than thirty times in one day. Most radio programs are short, mostly composed of brief celebrity interviews and music throughout the day. Presenters take plenty of commercial breaks to air advertisements and also keep the listeners tuned in.

Target Advertising

The vast array of radio stations attracts different audiences. For example, younger people will listen to modern hip stations, while older people focus on classic stations. Depending on your target market, you can easily choose the channel you want to advertise.

Radio Advertisements Target the Spending Community

Majority of radio listeners tune in when driving, either to work or to school. As they listen in, a few will be convinced to step into your business, especially if it is along their path, and if they are in need of the services you offer.

Front-Page Advantage

Unlike newspaper advertisements that may be expensive, and end up featuring you in the last pages, radio advertisements offer all businesses a front-page for their commercials. The only variations will be the length and the type of ad chosen. Radio advertisements rely on audio instead of visual senses, which means that you should focus on making your advert memorable to lure in customers.


As a business, you get to take advantage of the trust listeners have built around a radio station to engage more clients. Most listeners have a bond with their favorite radio stations and will quickly identify with the presenters. The goal is to make the listeners know that their beloved presenters also use the product and appeal to their audiences both on the radio, and on online platforms.

Cross-Promotional Advertising

Take advantage of cross-promotional advertising to lower costs. For example, advertisers will sell tickets to a concert at discounted prices only at specific stores and websites. Both the concert organizers and stores stand to gain in this advertising strategy. There is increased exposure to the public, and awareness of new products consumers may not know.


Radio advertising is a cost-effective method that allows you to reach your target audience, lower advertisement costs, build trust and give offers to the public. It is recommendable to create a functional website to ensure that clients that know you over the radio are also impressed by your online presence. BitGale offers affordable website design packages that will help you make the most of your radio adverts.