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The public relations team in an organization creates a voice for it, through the analysis of the positives and the negatives. A good PR team can establish mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and the public. This link is created through selling company policies, crisis strategies, online and offline marketing strategies that include blog posts and article writing.
BitGale is dedicated to helping your PR team achieve its goal. The incorporation of images in any advertisement is crucial for its success, and for this reason, BitGale readily offers professional photography and videography services in affordable packages. Our goal is to present images and videos that leave an impact on viewers, who will instantly recognize your organization on sight.
Our services are tailor-made for both large and small organizations, as well as personal blog posts. We pride ourselves in helping you market yourself through the following channels.

1. Newspaper article
As an experienced and professional writer, you may have all the factual information required in your section, and even the best word art in place. However, an article without an appropriate photograph to add to improve its dominance on a page becomes tiresome. Naturally, readers are drawn to what they see, before they start reading. Having a professional photograph as the highlight of your article is a well-calculated strategy that will bring in more readers.
While hardcopy newspapers only require photographs, online newspaper articles give you a chance to incorporate entertaining and catchy videos for your audience to see before divulging the details of your report. With BitGale’s team of professional videographers and photographers, you are assured of finding the best images that capture your message as a whole.

2. Magazine Article
BitGale ensures that all the photographs placed in your organization’s magazine are of high quality and also relevant to each article. Apart from the usual article pictures, emphasis needs to be placed on the quality and originality of headshots that praise the editorial and company staff. Our goal is to ensure that each photograph leaves your team feeling confident in their skills, and getting the recognition they deserve.
Our unique style of services also encompasses the placing of photographs in magazines and videos in websites to ensure that each publication is customized. The artistic arrangement of images and articles on a page goes a long way in improving the goal of your PR team.

3. Broadcast Interviews
Broadcast interviews are a great way to inform the public about what you do as an individual or as an organization. The interactive and one-on-one encounter experienced in a broadcast interview cannot be explained on print media. However, keeping your audience interested in the discussions you carry out requires a great deal of investment. The video quality and placing of images on a screen all play a significant role in keeping the audience attentive.
BitGale offers high-quality videography services for all our clients. Our goal is to ensure the availability of high-tech equipment that covers the entire interview, and providing close-ups on every interviewee’s face to bring out the facial expressions and non-verbal cues presented. With BitGale, you are assured of a consistent video without technical disruptions, and excellent editing after that to keep the video as brief as it should be.

4. Hospital or Association Newsletter
A newsletter is a detailed explanation of a businesses’ or organization’s activities. It provides a platform for engaging stakeholders and also potential customers and associates. The Public Relations team is usually in charge of not only writing but also printing these newsletters. Whether you are a hospital, profit or non-profit association, having a captivating and insightful newsletter is essential.
BitGale works hand in hand with the PR team to generate photographs required in the newsletters. Our mission is to ensure that your photography needs are met and that each picture sends a message to its readers. For example, if a hospital has established a new cancer wing for children in the community, it is our job to show the new wing to readers through photographs.
A detailed and precise photograph will help you send a message to interested parties that may not have a chance to visit your association but would like to see the growth and fruits of their support towards you. Apart from informing supporters, photographs and their accompanying articles are an opportunity to lure in more investors into the organization.

5. Community Newsletter
A community newsletter is an excellent way of informing others about the activities in your community. The community newsletter provides timely accounts of the past and the present and gives outsiders a chance to see ongoing developments. Through these newsletters, communities have an opportunity to draw in investors, receive support, and also lure in families and individuals hoping to find new homes.
BitGale supports your community newsletter through great group pictures that display emotions and provide evidence of ongoing events. Once you book an appointment with us, our team will dedicate itself towards helping you publish a skillfully crafted and captivating newsletter.