Set up Local Listing with Google+

Search Engine Optimization

Google Plus is one of the online tools one can use to grow their business fast. The Google plus local page is particularly important since it offers a great platform and opportunity for your business to get reviews from local clients and, also, gives your company a chance to be featured within the search engines in the google maps listing of companies. It gives your business a prominent stand within the search results of your particular location.

This Bitgale post is meant to provide a clear guide on how to successfully set up a local listing for your business on Google plus.

Important things to note before you begin setting up

Efficiency is essential when it comes to investing online. As such, you need to be very accurate with the information you will provide. Google prides itself in authenticity, and if they find your information not to be authentic, your listing will be removed. You need to be informative too. Provide information that is sufficient enough to answer any questions that may be on the mind of a potential client. Using pictures helps a lot since they are more attractive and command more attention as compared to plain text.
You will, also, have to make some effort and encourage your customers to give you good ratings and reviews. People always want the best, and if your scores suggest otherwise, then they will not hesitate to go for an option that ranks better and promises better services than yours.

Setting up process

The fact that you are using a google platform means that you need to have an account with google first. Any business that aspires to be successful and a leader in its field should have an official email address that handles business-related communications exclusively. In this case, you need a Gmail account. Those who are new to the platform can simply create a new account. Having a Gmail account automatically means that you, also, get a Google plus account.
Once you have accessed the Google Plus page, go to the menu and click on the “Pages” button and then the “Get Your Page” button. At this point, three options will be presented to you – Storefront, Service Area and Brand. Depending on your line of business, you have to select one that applies to you. For companies that have a physical location, they can choose either the Storefront or the Service Area option. For those businesses that do not have a physical address, they have to select the Brand option which is tailored for their kind of operation. Upon selection, you will proceed to a page containing a search box and a map.
Key in your name and your business address into the search box. A drop-down menu that contains the name of your business and the address should appear. If it doesn’t, click on the “None of these match” option and add your business to the list.
What follows is that you will be required to provide some information about your business and once you are done, verify using either a postcard or a phone call, and you would have successfully created a local listing for your business.

Crafting your profile and connecting your accounts

Setting up your profile should not be a difficult task. It entails providing relevant and adequate information that will help people understand your business operations a bit better. Details to be updated include photos of your business or products, the contact number for your business, your business’ operating hours, a link to your business website and any other relevant information that will appeal to a visitor.
There is a grid on the main page to the top-right that allows you to connect all your accounts such as Analytics, your YouTube account, AdWords, Business Insight and so on. From the same place is where you will be able to access the reviews of your business by clients and give you a chance to respond to them.

Benefits of a local business listing on Google Plus

Setting up a local listing for your business comes with significant benefits. Some of the benefits you are likely to enjoy courtesy of this include:

• Enjoying better visibility since anyone looking for your product and service in your area will always see you among the options they have. The map feature, also, makes it easy for your business to be located physically.
• You get to access information from the customer’s perspective easily. It is an authorized and a reliable source from where visitors can get information.
• It is much easier to share your location. It only takes one click.
• If your business enjoys higher ratings from your customers, your credibility increases and you will not have a difficult time trying to convince people of the goodness of your product.
• It is much easier to share information and make announcements
• The text and pictures help you be more descriptive. The pictorial updates help improve and enhance the descriptiveness.