Social Media Management

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A few years back when the concept of social media emerged, it was merely meant to provide a platform for friends and family to interact. But the last decade has been characterized by tremendous growth in the use of the internet and the use of social media has evolved dramatically. The number of social media platforms has increased, and the use of the same has expanded. Now social media is viewed as, not only a place for family and friends to interact but also, a vital marketing platform that is affordable for businesses of all sizes.
However, it takes more than just having accounts on multiple social media platform and posting your business content. One has to go about social media smartly. It is what is called Social Media Management. Social Media Management can be quite a hard task, but tips by Bitgale can help you manage your social media effectively for better business performance.

Update with original content

There are millions of people accessing social media at any given moment. People spend a lot of time on their phones, hungry to get new and exciting content that will inspire an aspect of their life. For a business, you should endeavor to give your audience exactly what they need and when they need it. It means that you should be very active and update your social media with fresh and original content regularly.


Blogs are texts that highlight a particular aspect or a topic. Your blog content should be related to whatever you are dealing. Topics can be the general things related to your product or services, or you can draw inspiration for the blog topic from the reviews, messages, and feedback of your customers. However, it is not all the time that you have to struggle to come up with new content. You can, also, repost some of your past blogs once in a while since things can be quite easy to forget given that the newsfeed is always being updated.
Be sure to keep your blogs short, well-structured and engaging for your readers not to get bored or tired reading.


While blogs are good, videos communicate a story in a more efficient and relatable way. Your social media should not just be composed of countless blogs. You ought to post relevant videos that speak to your audience about your product effectively. Your videos should be short, inspiring, fun, educative and entertaining. An entertaining and educative content is more useful than promotional material. You, also, can create a playlist for the various videos on your social media.
It is a good idea to embed a relevant video after a blog topic. You can include a call to action to the readers to watch the video once they are done with the reading.


Photos have a way of bringing a great visual appeal to a social media page. For pictures, the purpose is posting those that are lively, inspiring and relevant to the business. In fact, most of the post should be photos since they are easy to create and ‘speak” more words. It, however, does not mean that your spam your social media with numerous images such that it becomes hard for your audience to keep up. Your post should be periodic, relevant and should communicate a message.

Share other relevant content

Well, the world of business is not just all about you, and even your loyal fans will always want more than just what you offer. That is why it is crucial for you to include other relevant content in your posts. You should purpose to, also, share any significant industry news that proves to be beneficial to your audience. It will help boost your image brand and the trust your audience has for you since they will know you are not just all about the well-being and performance of your business.
With this other content, make sure that it is from reliable sources. Share the news and ask for the thoughts and opinions of your fans.

Interact with followers

The best way to improve your product and your business operations are by listening to your customers and followers. Social media is an excellent platform from where you can know what exactly your fans want. When you post an item on your social media, you should maintain your online presence and make sure you respond to any comments and questions asked in the comments section. When you fail to respond to your followers’ comments and questions, they will lose trust in your brand.
When crafting the responses, keep them relevant and answer all that the followers ask exhaustively. But that does not mean that you make it too official and boring. A good rule is to keep the responses short and witty. Some of your followers will come to you via direct message on the social media. You have to pay attention to them too. Ensure that you engage and respond to them quickly and exhaustively too.
Quick and consistent responses make your followers feel values, and they will always look forward to your next post.