Video Marketing

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Just a few years back, digital marketers highlighted video marketing as the future. Well, the future is already here with us. Many businesses are now using video content part of their marketing strategy. From the statistics, it is quite clear that this video revolution in marketing is not about to slow down anytime soon. That means that for any business owner looking to climb the ranks and be more effective in their marketing, video marketing is an option they ought not to think twice.

While it is a relatively new promotional tool, Bitagel advocates for it considerably. It is worth it since it is a very versatile marketing tool, in addition to being profitable. Here are some of the benefits that can be drawn to this new form of marketing.

Pros of Video Marketing

When it comes to conversion rates, videos are a force that offers incredible and admirable results. Effective marketing with the same can lead to an increase in conversion rates by up to 80%. You can, also, expect your sales to shoot upwards. More than half of the people who watch explainer-videos about a particular product end up purchasing the highlighted product.
Marketing is not just about getting more people to know about your product. It is, also, about getting them to trust your product. Videos build trust with your audience. They are engaging, and they spark emotions. It is easy to eliminate the doubts one has through an actual video as compared to text.
Search engines, notably Google, have a preference for video. You are 53 times more likely to appear among the first search results if you have videos embedded in your website. Most of the people who visit web pages spend their time there checking out videos. It offers you a chance to get more exposure since visitors are likely to spend more time on your site.
Videos, also, happen to be more appealing to smartphone users. It is much easier to watch videos on the go. Given that the number of people owning smartphones keeps ballooning every year, it only means that you will be guaranteed a wider audience if you invest in video marketing on your website.
Another good thing about videos is that they engage even the lazy buyers. Reading explanations and trying to understand them can be quite exhausting. Videos require less effort to follow thus appealing to almost everyone.
These are just but a handful of benefits you can draw from video marketing.

How to go about Video Marketing

There are two stages to Video Marketing. There is the part of creating the video and the sharing of the video to make it get to the target audience.

Video Creation

First, you need to create a YouTube Channel. It should be easy since Google owns YouTube. If you have a Gmail account, things should be much easier for you. Once you have the channel set up and ready, you need to feed it with relevant content. The content of the videos should speak to the viewer and entice them to go for your product. However, in as much as you are out to market your brand and your product, do not make the videos all dull and boring. The content should be fun and engaging. It should keep the viewer watching more and more. Therefore, you should purpose to make the video lively and likable while ensuring it is relevant. Use real people and scenarios to make the video.

Sharing the Video

Once you have the right content, the next step is making the video accessible to your audience. Start choosing a simple, short and descriptive name for your channel. It should tell the viewer what the channel is about by just reading it. For each video you post, you need to give it a tittle and an optimized description. To make sure that your video is profiled when an internet user searches for your type of product on the internet, use relevant keywords that match the content of your video with a particular focus on the first 100 words. But keep the titles and the descriptions brief.
Add video tags to help the viewer understand what the video is about in full. You should, however, not go overboard with the tags. Only use as many of them as necessary. Add annotations and cards too to get more engagement from the viewers.
Once you have all the things set up right, the task left is to promote the videos. Connect your YouTube channel and your social media accounts such that every time you upload a video, it is automatically posted on your social media. Also, you can embed the video in your website too. You can write a short blog on the subject covered in the video and add the video at the end for your site visitors. Alternatively, you can just add your videos to your site’s playlist.
Hacking video marketing can be quite a task. Coming up with content that is engaging is more challenging than one can imagine but when done correctly, the rewards are immense.